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15 June 2020 – We are very sad to report the passing of the great pianist and composer Keith Tippett who died yesterday aged 72. He was a pivotal figure in British jazz. Ian Carr and most of the members of Nucleus played on Tippett’s seminal Centipede work Septober Energy (RCA, 1971). RIP Keith.

28 February 2020 - Archival Nucleus upcoming releaseA newly unearthed Nucleus archival recording will be released as a two LP set around the end of May 2020 by Dutch company 678 Records. With the title Exit 1971 it features a transitional line-up including pianist Hywel Thomas on electric piano, Roy Babbington on bass guitar and Vic Higgins on percussion, plus Ian Carr, Karl Jenkins and Brian Smith. It was recorded at the Exit venue in Rotterdam in 1971 and will be available to order from the 678 Records website whilst a sneak preview of the cover artwork is shown below.




16 January 2020 - This website is saddened to learn of the passing yesterday of the great pianist Geoff Castle, at the age of 70. A stalwart of Nucleus and Paz, Geoff's jazz career began when he joined the National Youth Jazz Orchestra in 1967 later joining Graham Collier's group in 1970. He joined Ian Carr's Nucleus in 1974 playing with the band for eight years and recording seven albums with them. His compositions featured on Snakehips Etcetera, Inflagrante Delicto and Out Of The Long Dark. He was also associated with the Latin-tinged fusion band Paz and the veteran vocalist and percussionist Frank Holder who died in 2017. Geoff was instrumental in reforming Nucleus for a concert at Cargo, London in 2005. Subsequently it was known as Nucleus Revisited performing at Jazzwise Magazine's 10th Birthday Festival held at Pizza Express Jazz Club in London's Soho in 2007 and later at a memorial concert for Ian Carr at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London in 2010. Above all, Geoff was a pivotal and much loved player on the British jazz scene and will be sorely missed. RIP Geoff.

This website is shocked to learn of the death of the great pianist and stalwart of Nucleus and Paz, Geoff Castle.
Geoff's jazz career began when he joined the National Youth Jazz Orchestra in 1967 later joining Graham Collier's septet in 1970. He joined Ian Carr's Nucleus in 1974 playing with the band for eight years and recording six albums wthh them. His compositions featured on Snakehips Etcetera, Inflagrante Delicto and Out Of The Long Dark. He was also associated with the Latin-tinged fusion band Paz and the veteran vocalist and percussionist Frank Holder who died in 2017. Geoff was instruemntal in reforming Nucleus as Nucleus Revisited who played at Jazzwise Magazine's 10th Birthday Festival held at Pizza Express Jazz Club in London's Soho in 2007 and later at a memorial concert for Ian Carr at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London in 2010. Above all, Geoff was a pivotal player on the British jazz scene and will be sorely missed. RIP Geoff.
Geoff's jazz career began when he joined the National Youth Jazz Orchestra in 1967 later joining Graham Collier's septet in 1970. He joined Ian Carr's Nucleus in 1974 playing with the band for eight years and recording six albums wthh them. His compositions featured on Snakehips Etcetera, Inflagrante Delicto and Out Of The Long Dark. 
He was also associated with the Latin-tinged fusion band Paz and the veteran vocalist and percussionist Frank Holder who died in 2017. Geoff was instruemntal in reforming Nucleus as Nucleus Revisited who played at Jazzwise Magazine's 10th Birthday Festival held at Pizza Express Jazz Club in London's Soho in 2007 and later at a memorial concert for Ian Carr at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London in 2010. Above all, Geoff was a pivotal player on the British jazz scene and will be sorely missed. RIP Geoff.

11 December 2019 - Nucleus tops the polls again! The box set of Nucleus’ complete Vertigo recordings Torrid Zone (Esoteric, 2019) has won first place in Record Collector magazine’s best archival recordings of 2019. It also came sixth in RC’s top jazz albums of the year. Source: Record Collector No 500 (Christmas 2019).

8 October 2019 - Prog Magazine issue 102 (20.09.19) has a four page article by Sid Smith on Ian Carr and Nucleus to coincide with the release of the Nucleus CD box set Torrid Zone: The Vertigo Recordings 1970-1975 on Esoteric. 

4 October 2019 -  50 years ago - Rendell-Carr break up. The Don Rendell-Ian Carr Quintet, MM Jazz Poll winners in 1967, 68 and 69, has broken up – and both co-leaders are forming their own new bands. Rendell is joining fellow tenorist/flautist Stan Robinson in a new quintet, and trumpeter Carr has plans for a sextet. The group was together for more than five years, and during that time it became one of the most highly-respected groups in British jazz. Their four LPs for Columbia were all artistic and financial successes, and their fifth and final album “Change Is,” will be released on the same label in November. Recently, the group had collaborated with Indian guitarist Amancio D’Silva and Ghanaian drummer Guy Warren, which resulted in a pair of albums. Rendell told the MM that he has formed a group with Robinson, and the unit has already recorded a “Jazz Club” broadcast for Radio One. Carr commented: “I have been rethinking my position, and I am now ready to form another group.” He said that the group, probably a sextet, may contain Karl Jenkins (pno, oboe). Ray Warleigh (alto), Bernie Holland (gtr), Jeff Clyne (bass), and John Marshall (drs). “The band will probably begin rehearsing next week,” he said. Denis Preston, who recorded the Rendell-Carr Quintet for Columbia’s Lansdowne Series, commented: “Although the group has broken up, I hope that Don will continue to record for us for years. “One of the next things I’m doing is a suite by Neil Ardley, with a small chamber orchestra , which features Don and Ian.” The “Change Is” album, he said, features the quintet with guests Robinson, Clyne and trombonist [sic] Mike Pyne. Source: Melody Maker 4th October 1969 front page.



18 July 2019 - There's an excellent and very comprehensive new review of the Esoteric Nucleus box set by Owen Davies on the Dutch Progressive Rock Page here:

11 April 2019 -  Just published on YouTube - Nucleus on German television, 1975. Featuring Ian Carr (trumpet), Bob Bertles (saxophone), Kenny Shaw (guitar), Geoff Castle (keyboards), Roger Sutton (bass) and Roger Sellers (drums). "Rat's Bag" followed by "Sarsaparilla". Blues legend Alexis Korner is seen dancing along to it! View it here:

24 February 2019 - The five Rendell-Carr Quintet albums previously reissued on vinyl as a limited edition box set will now be reissued as individual LPs around March 2019 by Jazzman Records. More details here

18 January 2019 - Esoteric Recordings (Cherry Red Records) are reissuing the first nine Nucleus/Ian Carr albums originally issued on the Vertigo label spanning the years 1970-1975. The box set, entitled Torrid Zone and with new sleeve notes by the redoubtable prog author Sid Smith, will be released on 29 March, 2019. More here 

18 October 2018 - On its website, Jazzwise reports that all five Rendell/Carr Quintet albums recorded for EMI/Columbia will be reissued on vinyl by Jazzman Records in November. More here

17 July 2018 - This website is very sad to report the death of Roger Sellers on 13 July in Wellington, New Zealand. Roger Sellers was drummer with Nucleus in the 1970s and played on Snakehips Etcetera, Alleycat and UK Tour '76. 

12 June 2018 - The great drummer Jon Hiseman passed away today. A former member of The Graham Bond Organisation, the New Jazz Orchestra and The United Jazz and Rock Ensemble he will be best remembered for his brilliant jazz rock group Colosseum (plus Tempest and Colosseum 2). A truly virtuoso jazz and rock drummer, Jon had this year been touring with his new power trio JCM. He will be sadly missed by many and sincere condolences go to his family including his wife, Barbara Thompson and daughter Ana Gracey. 

24 September 2017 -  We are sad to report that Mike Carr, jazz organist, leader of the EmCee Five and brother of Ian Carr passed away on Friday 22 September at the age of 79. A tribute to him by Wally Houser has been posted on London Jazz News here. 

5 August 2017 - Ian Carr's Nucleus receives a substantial plaudit in Professor Stuart Nicholson's excellent and informative new paperback when he states: "Taken together, Elastic Rock, We'll Talk About It Later, Solar Plexus, Belladonna and Labyrinth represent an important, if overlooked, area of jazz-rock that genuinely suggests the artistic potential of a jazz-rock fusion". Source: Nicholson, S. Jazz - A Beginner's Guide, Oneworld, 2017, ISBN: 978-1-78074-998-3. £9.99. p184. 

30 April 2017 - There's a short clip on YouTube of Nucleus playing live in 1971 which features Ian Carr plus John Marshall, Karl Jenkins, Chris Spedding and Ron Mathewson. Click here to view clip

16 April 2017 - It is with great regret that this website has learned of the death today of the phenomenal guitarist Allan Holdsworth, at the age of 70. Holdsworth who figured prominently in so many areas of jazz and jazz rock and recorded with the likes of Bruford,Tempest, UK and Soft Machine, also contributed significantly to Ian Carr's seminal album Belladonna and was a member of Nucleus for a sort period before his joining Soft Machine. He was considered one of the World's greatest guitarists. R.I.P. Allan. 

3 February 2017 - The images that were lost in the past few weeks are in the process of being restored to this website, painstakingly and slowly. But we'll get there eventually! 

16 January 2017 - There are known issues with images on this site being unavailable to view and also problems with not being able to update the site! Hopefully these may be resolved soon but for updates please check out this blog: iancarrsnucleus.blogspot.com

13 November 2016 - Ian Carr’s Out Of The Long Dark is included in the BBC Music Jazz 50 Greatest Jazz Albums announced today on BBC Music Jazz. The album ranked at number 22 in the list. The link to this playlist is here (but this link may not last for long!) and also see Bruce Lindsay's excellent article 'Kind Of Knew' in Jazz Journal news here

7 November 2017 - New Ian Carr archive podcast now available from the BBC. Alyn Shipton features an archive interview, in which Carr selects some of his finest recordings. These include music by the Rendell-Carr Quintet, the Emcee Five and Nucleus, as well as movements from Neil Ardley's suite Kaleidoscope of Rainbows. The link to the podcast can be found here: Ian Carr archive interview

7 November 2017 - New Ian Carr archive podcast now available from the BBC. Alyn Shipton features an archive interview, in which Carr selects some of his finest recordings. These include music by the Rendell-Carr Quintet, the Emcee Five and Nucleus, as well as movements from Neil Ardley's suite Kaleidoscope of Rainbows. The link to the podcast can be found here: 

14 October 2016 - Some new photos of Ian Carr taken around 2006 have been uploaded to the Images section of this website. The photos were kindly supplied by Ian's friend George Cole, author of The Last Miles - The Music Of Miles Davis. They can be viewed here. 

28 September 2016 - This website is sad to report the death of Adrian Kerridge the resident engineer and owner of Lansdowne Studios who recorded some notable jazz albums for Denis Preston's "Lansdowne Series" including titles by the Rendell Carr Quintet, Stan Tracey and Mike Westbrook. 

6 September 2016 - Gearbox Mini LP Replica CD Series to be released in October. Limited editions of five Gearbox Records’ best-selling albums as cardboard sleeve mini LP replica CDs will be released on 21 October 2016.They are available for pre-order at www.gearboxrecords.com - These five CDs will only be available to buy direct from the Gearbox website and via Amazon. The five titles include the Michael Garrick Sextet's Prelude To Heart Is A Lotus (featuring Don Rendell & Ian Carr) and Nucleus With Leon Thomas Live 1970.


25 April 2016 - Possibly the only surviving footage of Ian Carr's Nucleus from 1974 has just been uploaded on YouTube (22 April 2016) taken from an NRK TV broadcast of Molde Jazz '74, Rådhuset, Molde, Norway and features a stellar line-up comprising Ian Carr (trumpet), Geoff Castle (keyboards), Ken Shaw (guitar), Bob Bertles (alto sax, flute), Roger Sutton (bass guitar) and Bryan Spring (drums). There's also an interview with Ian Carr during the interval. (Colour, duration 46.56).Track listing: 1. The Addison Trip; 2. Pastoral Graffiti; 3. Rites Of Man; 4. Interview with Ian Carr; 5. Roots. The link is here: Nucleus, Molde '74 

29 March 2016 - Elastic Dream, the second, revised edition of The Music of Ian Carr – A Critical Discography has just been published. To obtain a FREE copy email me here: elasticjazz@yahoo.co.uk including your name and address. Please note: non-UK residents would need to reimburse the airmail postage via PayPal.

22 March 2016 - The great British jazz musician Bob Downes (with whom Ian Carr recorded) has a new album out Blowin' With Bass which features four outstanding bass players, Barry Guy, Andy Cleyndert, Marc Meggido and the late Paul Bridge. The bassists accompany Downes on twelve duo performances including six rare live performances. More info can be found on Bob Downes' website: Bob Downes Music

25 February 2016 – Today marks the seventh anniversary of the passing of the great Ian Carr.

23 February 2016 – The latest issue of Jazzwise (March 2016) contains a review by Andy Robson of Elastic Dream - the second, revised edition of The Music of Ian Carr – A Critical Discography 


29 December 2015 - Elastic Dream, the second, revised edition of The Music of Ian Carr – A Critical Discography has just been published. To obtain a FREE copy email me here: elasticjazz@yahoo.co.uk including your name and address. Please note: non-UK residents would need to reimburse the airmail postage via PayPal.

1 November 2015 - In memory of Don Rendell, Ian Carr and Michael Garrick, here is a link to rare footage of the Rendell Carr Quintet performing 'Pavanne' at the Antibes Jazz Festival in 1968: Pavanne

22 October 2015 - This website is sad to report the passing of Don Rendell on Tuesday, 20 October, 2015 in London following a short illness at the age of 89. In addition to co-leading the award-winning and ground-breaking Rendell-Carr Quintet, Don had played in many groups beginning in the 1940s before joining the Johnny Dankworth Seven, after which he led several bands including The New Don Rendell Quintet with Graham Bond on alto, which recorded the seminal album Roarin'. The five truly iconoclastic Rendell-Carr Quintet albums recorded in the 1960s under the aegis of the Svengali-like Denis Preston for his Landsdowne series, catapulted the RCQ into top position for small jazz group for three years running from 1967-1969 in the Melody Maker jazz polls (British Section). Don was a major figure in British jazz and will be sorely missed.

5 October 2015 - This website is sad to report that Coleridge Goode passed away on Friday 2nd October, aged 100. The veteran and much-loved bassist had played with many stars of jazz including Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli, Ray Ellington, Joe Harriott and Michael Garrick. Bassist Gary Crosby, who was a friend of Coleridge Goode said on his website: "It is with the deepest sadness that I share the news of the passing of my very dear friend and mentor, the Jamaican bassist, Coleridge Goode. He died at his home in West London following a heart attack at 8pm on Friday 2 October. It was my great privilege to have celebrated his 100th birthday with Coleridge and his wonderful family last November, and I’d really hoped we would be marking his 101st with him this year. Sadly this was not to be." (from Gary Crosby's website: http://garycrosbybass.com/).

29 September 2015 - Pepi Lemer, co-founder of the 70s fusion group Turning Point will be making a rare appearance performing numbers from her new album "back2front" at St James Theatre, 12 Palace Street, London, SW1E 5JA on Sunday 22nd November 2015 as part of the London Jazz Festival.
A stalwart on the British jazz scene in the 1960s and 70s her band Turning Point, which she co-led with bassist Jeff Clyne made two excellent albums Creatures of the Night and Silent Promise. She was also a vocalist on albums by John Stevens (Oliv, A La Continua) and Neil Ardley (Will Power, Harmony of the Spheres) to name but a few. Her album, released this year, received a glowing 5 star review in Jazz Journal (September 2015). Amongst the line-up of musicians playing in her band will be keyboardist Pete Lemer and veteran bass virtuoso Chris Laurence. More details can be found here: http://www.pepilemer.com/ and for a taste of how good this band sounds check this: Pepi Lemer live

23 September 2015 - Check out the extended analysis on the All About Jazz website of the just released Turtle Records story box set of three excellent albums issued on Peter Eden's all too short-lived label, featuring records by Mike Osborne, Howard Riley and John Taylor, plus a fantastically comprehensive booklet of sleeve notes written by John McLaughlin biographer, Colin Harper. In the booklet, Harper explains why these albums receive their first official re-issue for the first time on CD. This is probably the British jazz reissue of the year! The Turtle Records Story

19 July 2015 - It is with great sadness that this website reports the death of the virtuoso pianist John Taylor who died after a heart attack whilst performing at a concert in France. He was 72. A pillar of the jazz community, he played organ on Ian Carr’s album Sounds and Sweet Airs. This was unusual since he almost always played piano and was one of the mainstays of the UK jazz scene with his own ensembles, with Azimuth (with Kenny Wheeler and Norma Winstone), on several of Wheeler’s albums and countless others. RIP John.

5 July 2015 - Flashback Magazine (Issue 7, Summer 2015) features an article on two of the stalwarts of the Rendell-Carr Quintet, bassist Dave Green and drummer Trevor Tomkins. Over the eleven pages of this feature, Dave Green and Trevor Tomkins discuss the albums on which they, either individually or together, played. These range from Michael Garrick’s ultra rare “Moonscape” (1964) to Garrick’s 1974 album “Troppo”. Of course there are all the RCQ albums in between and several other keys LPs too including ones by Amancio D’Silva Joe Harriott and Guy Warren. Flashback Magazine is available to purchase in hard copy or as a download via iTunes, Google Play etc. The website to Flashback can be found here: Flashback Magazine


13 June 2015 - Karl Jenkins, now one of the most famous contemporary classical composers but formerly a jazzer and alumnus of the Graham Collier Sextet, founder member of Nucleus and former long-time member of Soft Machine has been knighted in the Queen's Birthday Honours list. More here: BBC News 

27 April 2015 - Hum Dono is now available on vinyl from the Dutton Vocalion website here: http://www.duttonvocalion.co.uk/#hum

8 March 2015 - This website is sad to report that Mike King, who founded Reel Recordings has died. In addition to writing a book on the works of Robert Wyatt entitled “Wrong Movements”, Mike's record label issued a significant number of rare archival recordings and some back catalogue reissues of key British jazz musicians including Ian Carr and Don Rendell’s “Live at the Union”, plus albums by Bob Downes, Harry Miller, Mike Osborne and many others. He made a difference and will be missed by many friends and appreciative fans. RIP Mike and thank you.1 February 2015 - Good to see two articles of interest to this website published in the latest issue of Record Collector (February 2015, No 437) on page 135 there's an interview with Darrel Sheinman from Gearbox Records whose Top 11 landmark recordings include Nucleus With Leon Thomas Live 1970 and a feature on Don Rendell on page 136 featuring two of his Tempo EP recordings from 1955.

6 January 2015 - All About Jazz's John Kelman has written an excellent article in his "Rediscovery" series on Ian Carr's seminal 1972 album Belladonna:  Read the Belladonna "Rediscovery" review here 

26 November 2014 – Hum Dono, the long-deleted album by Joe Harriott and Amancio D’Silva is being reissued by Vocalion for the first time on CD next month. It is already available to pre-order from the Vocalion website. The album features Ian Carr on two tracks and has been long regarded as one of the most sought-after British jazz albums ever. It is believed that the album will also be made available on vinyl by another record company. 

1 November 2014 - At long last the brilliant Le Déjeuner Sur L'Herbe recorded in 1968 by the New Jazz Orchestra under the leadership of the late Neil Ardley is being re-issued for the first time on CD.  This classic recording features Ian Carr, Henry Lowther, Dave Gelly, Harry Beckett, Mike Gibbs, Derek Watkins, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Barbara Thompson, Frank Ricotti, Jack Bruce (on double bass!) and Jon Hiseman amongst others. The Dusk Fire release (DUSKCD110) is superbly packaged in digipak format with a booklet of photographs and extensive sleeve notes by Dave Gelly and others. “One of the finest jazz recordings ever made and arguably the best big band recording by British musicians …” (Jazz Journal February 2012). It has a 1,000 CD limited run, so get your order in now! It's released on 6 January 2015.  

25 October 2014 - It is with great regret that this website learned of the death today of the legendary bass player Jack Bruce, age 71. He was a sometime alumnus of Nucleus and the New Jazz Orchestra (playing double bass on the NJO's 'Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe'). Apart from his pivotal work alongside Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker in Cream, Jack was a major figure in jazz and jazz rock and made substantial contributions to groups led by Alexis Korner, The Graham Bond Organisation, John Mayall and Tony Williams Lifetime - and recordings by Carla Bley ('Escalator Over The Hill') and Mike Gibbs eponymous first album - to name just a few. His first solo albums featured Chris Spedding and John Marshall from Nucleus and Jon Hiseman from Colosseum and the New Jazz Orchestra. R.I.P. Jack.

4 October 2014 – News just in! Gearbox Records are shortly releasing Nucleus with Leon Thomas live at the Montreux Jazz Festival on 20 June 1970. This is the first ever official commercial release of this historic performance and almost 70 minutes worth of music is spread over a double vinyl LP. A promo on YouTube of “Echoes” can be heard here: Echoes 




19 September 2014 - This website is sad to report the passing of the great trumpeter and composer Kenny Wheeler who died yesterday at the age of 84. Kenny was a long standing close friend and colleague of Ian Carr's and contributed both to the music of the United Jazz and Rock Ensemble and to Ian's major works "Solar Plexus" and "Labyrinth". R.I.P. Kenny. 

13 June 2014 - Hum Dono, the long unavailable British jazz album by the Joe Harriott - Amancio D'Silva Quartet (with Dave Green and Bryan Spring) has been reissued for the first time ever as a digital download via iTunes, Amazon, etc. It features guests Ian Carr and Norma Winstone (but not on all the tracks). The label reissuing it is The Long Field and it was reissued in May 2014. This album was at the top of many UK jazz-philes wants lists for years. It was recorded on the EMI Columbia label and issued on SCX 6354 in 1969 under the auspices of Denis Preston on his "Lansdowne" series and whose supervision was responsible for many important UK jazz albums in the 1960s, including the five Rendell-Carr albums.

18 May 2014 - The first of a three-part recording has been uploaded onto YouTube featuring Ian Carr's Nucleus in conjunction with the NDR Big Band playing Neil Ardley's seminal work "A Kaleidoscope of Rainbows". This was recorded at the NDR studios in Hamburg, Germany on 25 January 1977 and can be heard here...

22 April 2014 - An interview from 4 July 2013 with Nucleus' first regular guitarist, Chris Spedding, has been made available to view on You Tube. This interview was made by GetreadytoROCKvideo and Chris talks about Nucleus at approximately 7 minutes into the interview... 

Chris Spedding is currently gigging and  recording with the Charlotte Glasson Quintet (as at Spring 2014)!

21 April 2014 - Wolfgang Dauner's The United Jazz and Rock Ensemble Second Generation has recorded an album "Wolfgang Dauner's United 2" which features amongst other compositions, Ian Carr's "Gone With The Weed" and is currently available via Amazon and other sources. More information here: http://ujre2g.com/

29 December 2013 - An article by Andrey Henkin featuring the work of Nucleus founder member Karl Jenkins has been published in the latest issue of New York City Jazz Record and deals with his time with Nucleus thus: 'But it was with Nucleus that Jenkins first came to prominence. One of the first British fusion bands, the group began when “trumpeter Ian Carr came to me and suggested working together in a new band,” Jenkins recalled. “We then chose the other players. Early on there was much debate within the band as to whether we were playing too much ‘rock’ time-based music as opposed to ‘jazz’ swing time but eventually we crossed that bridge and soon became 100% a fusion band. Miles Davis was always a massive hero and he made a similar transition.” Jenkins was, along with Carr, one of the group’s main songwriters, a role he would continue when joining Soft Machine.'
Source: New York City Jazz Record, page 10, January 2014

8 December 2013 - Colin Richardson has posted a new blog on the New Jazz Orchestra which featured amongst others Ian Carr, Jon Hiseman, Barbara Thompson and Don Rendell and was led at that time by the late Neil Ardley. Colin's blog can be viewed here: http://www.colinrichardsonjazz.typepad.com/

7 December 2013 - This website mourns the passing of one of British Jazz's greatest contributors, the irreplaceable Stan Tracey who died yesterday at the age of 86. Apart from all his musical achievements including the iconic "Under Milk Wood" his paen to Duke Ellington "We Love You Madly" (with Acker Bilk) featured amongst others, solos by Ian Carr. It was Stan who first suggested to Ian that he should write a book about the state of British Jazz in the early 1970s ("Music Outside").

Included in the Christmas 2013 issue of Record Collector (No 422) is a 2014 free Rare Vinyl Calendar which features for the Month of May 2014 a page of colour photographs of all five of the EMI Columbia Rendell Carr Quintet albums with accompanying text stating: "Too modern and too uniquely British to sell many copies at the time, too scarce and brilliant to find today" (albeit still available as CDs).

10 October 2013 - TRIBUTE TO STAN TRACEY's 70 YEARS IN MUSIC - AT THE 100 CLUB, 100 Oxford St. London, W1D 1LL, on MONDAY NOVEMBER 18th from 6pm–11pm/doors 5.45pm - Featuring: GINGER BAKER, Dame CLEO LAINE, GEORGIE FAME, JOHN TAYLOR QUINTET, KEITH EMERSON, ZOE RAHMAN, STAN TRACEY ALUMNI and SURPRISE GUESTS - As Stan Tracey celebrates an incredible seventy years as a professional musician this year, Stan takes a back seat as the Music Scene pays tribute to him in a special gig staged at the 100 Club in Oxford Street, London featuring, live on stage, not only many musicians associated with him over the years but also music stars who wish to pay a personal musical tribute. The evening will begin by a set by the legendary drummer GINGER BAKER, followed by Dame CLEO LAINE with her band. The evening will also feature sets by GEORGIE FAME, JULIAN JOSEPH with PETER KING, a rare appearance by legend KEITH EMERSON, THE STAN TRACEY ALUMNI (featuring Stan's current crop of the best of the UK's jazz soloists), the highly regarded pianist JOHN TAYLOR and many others. There will also be SURPRISE GUEST STARS. This is a night not to be missed. Admission £30 concs.£25 on the door. For up to date information on this gig check out the following web page here: http://stantracey.com/tribute.htm

20 July 2013 - A new 180gm vinyl album is being released on the Gearbox Records label shortly. Entitled 'Prelude to Heart is a Lotus' by the Michael Garrick Sextet it features Don Rendell and Ian Carr. This set was recorded for a BBC radio session in 1968. Release Date: 5 August 2013  Catalogue No: GB1517.


14 July 2013 – Two important albums from the “golden age of British jazz” have been reissued so far this year; June saw the reissue for the first time on CD of Bob Downes’ 1970 “Deep Down Heavy” (Esoteric) which features Downes along with Ray Russell, Chris Spedding and Harry Miller, amongst other musicians. Don Weller’s Major Surgery 1976 jazz rock album “The First Cut” (Proper Music) is being reissued for the first time on CD at the end of this month.

13 July 2013 - This year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the New Jazz Orchestra which recorded 'Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe' in 1969 for the Verve label. One of the finest British jazz albums ever produced, it featured Ian Carr, Dick Heckstall Smith, Barbara Thompson, Jon Hiseman, Jack Bruce and many others and is still awaiting a reissue on CD. 

21 April 2013 - Today is the 80th anniversary of the birth of the late, great Ian Henry Randell Carr

9 April 2013 - A review by Vincent Carr of Saturday's concert at the Sage Gateshead of the first North East England performance of Ian Carr's 'Northumbrian Sketches' can be viewed on the Elements page of this website.

25 February 2013 - Rare archive footage of Nucleus from 1972 has been hosted by the Flemish public broadcaster VRT on its website. It features Ian Carr (trumpet, flute), Alan Jackson (drums), Roy Babbington (bass), Dave McRae (keyboards) and Karl Jenkins (oboe). The footage is on YouTube here: http://tinyurl.com/obe646f

25 February 2013 - Remembering the late, great Ian Carr, who passed away four years ago today.

9 January 2013 - Duncan Heining has just written an article for The Independent on why jazz is always the Cinderella of the arts in the U.K. It can be viewed here: http://tinyurl.com/pwyx2yj

30 November 2012 - One of the most important British jazz albums ever recorded is being reissued for the first time on CD. Neil Ardley's "A Symphony of Amaranths", one of the composer's major works, is being reissued for the first time on CD since its original release in 1971. Amongst the stellar line-up of musicians who appear on the album are names such as Henry Lowther, Harold Beckett, Derek Wadsworth, Ray Premru, Barbara Thompson, Dave Gelly, Don Rendell, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Stan Tracey, Karl Jenkins, Alan Branscombe, Frank Ricotti, Chris Laurence, Jeff Clyne, Jon Hiseman plus vocals from Ivor Cutler and Norma Winstone. This reissue is limited to 1000 copies only and is being made available on the Dusk Fire label. The official release date is 21 January 2013 but the album is also being sold from the Dusk Fire website. Neil Ardley was Ian Carr's long-time friend and musical collaborator, and although Carr does not appear on this album he and Ardley made several significant recordings together over the course of four decades. This is a very welcome reissue.

24 November 2012 - Gateshead International Jazz Festival 2013 Announced (5-7 April 2013)

The Gateshead International Jazz Festival, the largest UK festival held under one roof, has just announced its headline acts and themes for 2013 including the National Youth Jazz Orchestra, Lighthouse, Phronesis, Christine Tobin, Ruby Turner and The Brand New Heavies. The festival will take place in the spectacular surroundings of The Sage Gateshead on Friday 5th – Sunday 7th April 2013 and tickets go on sale on Friday 7th December. The North is a key theme for the festival, interpreted in various ways. Saturday night’s Hall One concert presents two jazz suites inspired by the North East of England – ‘Northumbrian Sketches’, written in the 1980’s by Newcastle jazz musician/composer Ian Carr in its first ever North East performance, and ‘Songs to the North Sky’, written in 2012 by Tim Garland, resident in the region. Both will be performed by Northern Sinfonia orchestra of The Sage Gateshead, with jazz soloists Tim Whitehead and Henry Lowther plus award winning trio Lighthouse, featuring the award-winning pianist Gwilym Simcock.

7 October 2012 - A major new book on British jazz by Duncan Heining is published this month. "Trad Dads, Dirty Boppers and Free Fusioneers: British Jazz, 1960-1975" discusses all the main players in post-war British jazz and is certainly the best book to be published on this subject since John Wickes' "Innovations in British Jazz".  


There is also a specially compiled CD to celebrate the publication of this book which contains ultra rare and previously unheard tracks recorded by some of the artists who appear in the book (including Mike Taylor Quintet, Henry Lowther - Lyn Dobson Quintet, John Stevens Seven, Mike Osborne - John Surman Quartet, Joe Harriott Quintet, Amancio D’Silva & Don Rendell - Ian Carr Quintet, Gary Windo’s Symbiosis, Elton Dean’s Just Us, Lol Coxhill - Steve Miller, Graham Collier Music with Norma Winstone). This was produced by Reel Recordings.

9 September 2012 - Three major British jazz reissues have just been released by Vocalion. John Dankworth's "What the Dickens!" (1963) is combined with his later album "Off Duty!" (1969), Joe Harriott's albums "Movement" (1964) and "High Spirits" (1965) and Harold McNair's eponymous album from 1968 plus his later "Flute and Nut" from 1970. This is in addition to BGO Records reissuing Michael Garrick's "Black Marigolds" and "The Heart is a Lotus", albums which both feature Ian Carr.

27 August 2012 - Rare footage of the Rendell-Carr Quintet performing at the 9th Antibes Jazz Festival in 1968 has been made available on YouTube and can be viewed here. This clip features Don Rendell, Ian Carr, Michael Garrick, Dave Green and Trevor Tomkins. The audio of the track featured on this video ('Pavane') is available on CD on the album 'Don Rendell-Ian Carr Quintet Live from the Antibes Jazz Festival' (Spotlite Records, Spotlite SPJ-CD 566).

22 July 2012 - Bob Downes - flautist extraordinaire - celebrates his 75th birthday today and has informed this website that he is planning a special 2 CD release of archive material that marks both his birthday milestone and his label Openian's 40th anniversary. This release is planned for the autumn. Happy Birthday Bob!

9 June 2012 - A new book has been published on a British jazz legend; "John Surman - The Belting Zodiac" (Soundworld, 2011) is now available from FMR Records and priced at a very reasonable £12.99 including p+p in the UK). It weighs in at over 250 pages and author Mike Pearson (who wrote "Conversations in British Jazz" - Soundworld, 2004) has included a huge number of newspaper cuttings and photographs, many of which have never been published before. This is compulsory reading for anyone interested in contemporary British jazz and is highly recommended. More details here

4 June 2012 - Jazz Journal (Volume 65, No. 6, June 2012) contains an article on the New Jazz Orchestra's "Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe" in its occasional "Seminal Sessions" series. The album, recorded in 1968 for the Verve label, featured Ian Carr amongst many others, and is described in the article as "arguably the best big band recording by British musicians".

6 May 2012 - A SERENADE FOR SIR JOHN BETJEMAN - Sing for Joy Choir at St. Pancras International Station - Wednesday May 23rd at 6:00 pm & Thursday May 24th at 1:00 pm - The choir, led by veteran Jazz singer Carol Grimes, will be gathering near the statue of Sir John Betjeman at St. Pancras International Station to sing songs about trains. The aim is to raise money for Sing for Joy, a registered charity, raise awareness of diseases of the central nervous system, such as Parkinson’s, celebrate Sir John Betjeman, who had Parkinson’s in his later years and have a good time singing some great songs about trains! More information here

5 April 2012 - The works of Ian Carr are celebrated in the latest issue of Record Collector (RC April 2012, No 400) in a feature by Ian Shirley listing 400 collectible recordings to mark RC's 400th edition. The section entitled "Classic Carrs" on page 69, covers ten records on which Ian Carr made his mark including ones by the Emcee 5, The Rendell Carr Quintet, Michael Garrick and of course Nucleus.

2 February 2012 - A documentary about Barbara Thompson's fight against Parkinsons, "Playing against Time", will be shown on Sunday 19th February 2012 on BBC4 at 21:00 (and repeated Monday 01:05). This film by Mike Dibb (who directed the highly acclaimed biographical films about Miles Davis and Keith Jarrett - both with the assistance of Ian Carr) has already garnered high praise from everyone who has seen the previews of this very moving programme. Definitely not to be missed. More on this programme on the BBC website here

29 January 2012 - Two of Ian Carr's friends and colleagues, Kenny Wheeler and Michael Gibbs both have new big band albums for 2012. Michael Gibbs and the NDR Big Band "Back in the Days" is released on February 6 on Cuneiform and features guest vibraphonist-extraordinaire Gary Burton and Kenny Wheeler's "The Long Waiting" on CAM Jazz features a 20 strong line-up which includes amongst others Brit jazz legends, Henry Lowther, Ray Warleigh, Stan Sulzmann, John Taylor and Chris Laurence , is available now. Both are excellent and very highly recommended.

25 November 2011 - Gerald Laing - artist and Ian Carr's oldest friend died on 23 November. The following is by Ian's friend George Foster, which he describes as "Notes towards an obituary":

The artist and sculptor Gerald Laing died of cancer on November 23rd aged 75. He was Ian Carr’s oldest friend. They met in 1957 when Ian was a National Service Conscript Officer in the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, stationed in Belfast. Gerald, 3 years younger and from an old Scottish family with military traditions, was a regular army officer in the same regiment. However his deep interest in art, which he found difficult to satisfy, was leading him into frustration and disillusionment. Then along came Ian who had already graduated in English Literature, wrote poetry and was an accomplished jazz trumpet player. At a time when regular and conscript officers did not mix socially, the two quickly became friends.

As Gerald described in his moving eulogy at Ian’s funeral, it was partly under Ian’s influence that he began to indulge his talent for drawing and love of art, both of which he suppressed under family pressure to be a career officer. He began to consider alternatives to a military career. Gerald’s website here has a long reminiscence from Ian, based on his diaries. After discharge from his military service Ian went to teach English in the south of France, and Gerald soon came to visit and stayed with Ian during a long leave. Ian recounts that he showed Gerald what an impoverished & bohemian artistic lifestyle was like.

Soon afterwards Gerald resigned his commission, in the face of family opposition, and enrolled in Art College. A few years later he was working in the New York art scene alongside Warhol. He was to become one of the most successful of the British “Pop Artists”. Gerald returned to the UK with an American sports car which Ian celebrated in his composition “Hot Rod”. Gerald designed the cover for the Don Rendell – Ian Carr Quintet album “Live”.

Together with architect Terry Stewart, Gerald and Ian collaborated on a multimedia installation at the 1963 Paris Biennale Exhibition (Ian taped himself, Jeff Clyne (bass) and Laurie Morgan (drums) playing music and making background sounds). The other UK entrants included Peter Blake, Francis Bacon, Allen Jones, Richard Rogers, Cornelius Cardew and David Hockney. Their collaboration was renewed some years later when several pieces on “Out of the Long Dark” were written to accompany an exhibition of Gerald’s sculpture. George Foster (25 November 2011)

Michael Garrick – A Short Tribute

Michael Garrick was one of the pivotal figures in modern British jazz. A self-taught virtuoso pianist, he was the backbone of the Rendell Carr Quintet writing some of their most important recorded works such as “Dusk Fire”, “Black Marigolds”; “Voices” and “Cold Mountain”. But in tandem with his work with the RCQ he had forged his own groups which were equally influential. Albums recorded under his name included “October Woman”; “Promises”; “Black Marigolds”; “The Heart is a Lotus” and “Home Stretch Blues” to name but a few.
Members of his various groups included the likes of Shake Keane, Tony Coe, Don Rendell, Ian Carr, Henry Lowther, Art Themen, Coleridge Goode, Norma Winstone, Trevor Tomkins, Alan Jackson, Dave Green and the incomparable Joe Harriott, for whom Garrick had a deep admiration, so much so that he released two albums related to the alto player (“Genius” comprising previously unreleased recordings and “Big Band Harriott” which Garrick arranged for his larger ensemble ).

Despite a dearth of recorded material in the 1980s, he released over fifteen albums on his own label (Jazz Academy) during the subsequent two decades, several of which were big band recordings (including "Meteors Close At Hand" and "Down On Your Knees"). All his Argo recordings were reissued on CD by Vocalion except for Poetry and Jazz 250. However the first Poetry and Jazz recording from 1963 was reissued and demonstrates yet another string to Garrick’s bow, namely his interest poetry and literature (he was a UCL English graduate). With poet Jeremy Robson, he arranged hundreds of poetry and jazz concerts, featuring the leading poets of the day including Adrian Mitchell, Dannie Abse, Vernon Scannell, Thomas Blackburn, Laurie Lee and even Spike Milligan (a keen jazz fan and trumpeter). Some early recordings including the ultra rare “Moonscape” were unearthed by Jonny Trunk who received permission from Michael Garrick to reissue them on his own Trunk label. The latest of these was “Rising Stars” which also featured Shake Keane and which was reissued in 2011.

Another poet with whom Michael Garrick worked was John Smith who wrote lyrics for and recited on the 1971 album “Mr Smith’s Apocalypse” (the “Mr Smith” in the title is John Smith). Smith also appeared on other records. Like his friend and colleague in the RCQ Ian Carr, he also was an educator and his encouragement was surely instrumental in helping to achieve the launch of the Jazz examination syllabus by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. He taught at the Royal Academy of Music and also at Trinity College of Music and the Guildhall School of Music. Additionally he ran his own courses at the Jazz Academy for several years. He was appointed Member of the British Empire in 2010. He died on 11 November 2011 at Harefield Hospital, aged 78. His sudden death (he was playing right up to the end) is a great blow to the jazz community, already reeling from the loss of three other key figures in British jazz this year (Tony Levin, Graham Collier and Gordon Beck). His contribution to jazz is immense and his influence great. He will be missed by many.

16 November 2011 - An obituary for Michael Garrick appears in today's Guardian, which can be viewed online here

12 November 2011 - The death has just been announced of the inspirational pianist, composer, arranger, teacher and bandleader Michael Garrick,last night, aged 78. He was one of the major figures in British jazz and also, of course, a key member of the Rendell Carr Quintet, writing many of its most notable pieces including 'Dusk Fire'. Rest in Peace, Michael.

7 November 2011 - This website is extremely sad to report the death yesterday of the great pianist Gordon Beck, aged 73. In the early 1970s he made substantial contributions to three important albums by Ian Carr and Nucleus; "Belladonna", "Labyrinth" and "Under The Sun". Rest in Peace, Gordon.

6 November 2011 - A Japanese-only limited edition CD of Ian Carr's "Out of the Long Dark" will be reissued on 21 December 2011. This will be digitally remastered with superior sound quality, complete with obi-strip & Japanese introductory/lyrics sheets.The catalogue number is TOCJ 50254

5 November 2011 - An invitation to The UK's first Jazz Open Space Event - What are we doing about UK Jazz in 2011, and for 2012-2015? Monday 21st November 2011, 10am - 5pm. Free entry to MU members. £10 non MU/£5 concessions at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn, London, WC1R 4RL. Full details can be found here

1 October 2011 - Tomorrow night's Freakzone (BBC Radio 6 Music) presented by Stuart Maconie, pays tribute to the late Graham Collier by including his "Down Another Road" as its featured album. BBC 6 Music, 2 October 2011, 18.00 hours. Meanwhile on Radio 3 tonight, Alyn Shipton is repeating his Jazz Library programme of last year featuring Graham Collier whom he interviewed for the programme.

13 September 2011 - This website is saddened to learn of the death of Graham Collier, who was one of the great leaders, composers, educators and innovators of British jazz. Alumni of his bands included ex-Nucleus musicians John Marshall, Karl Jenkins and Geoff Castle. He died in Greece on 9 September, suddenly, aged 74. More on this at the London Jazz blogspot here. Rest in Peace, Graham.

30 August 2011 - A new Mike Dibb film is to be screened on BBC TV in November. This news, just in, is from the Jon Hiseman and Barbara Thompson website (Temple-Music) where it is revealed: "The BBC 4 documentary, "Playing Against Time" is scheduled for broadcast on November 4th, 2011 at 9pm. It's a 75 min. 'musical-medico' documentary about Barbara's fight to keep performing, while suffering from her ever deteriorating Parkinson's condition. It's directed by Mike Dibb, who was responsible for the original film about B&J, 'Jazz, Rock & Marriage' back in '79 and the subsequent award winning Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett [both with Ian Carr as musical consultant] & Astor Piazzolla films. Good company!" [Update as at October 2011: this programme has been postponed for screening until sometime in early 2012; more news when we have it - Ed]

6 August 2011 - A copy of the much sought-after album by Joe Harriott and Amancio D'Silva "Hum Dono" has just gone on sale on eBay for a staggering £1,000. "Hum Dono" has yet to be re-issued on CD and features Ian Carr and other members of the Rendell-Carr Quintet.

8 July 2011 - Some exciting new reissues have just been released by Vocalion and these include long out of print British jazz recordings by Paul Gonsalves with Tubby Hayes ("Just Friends"), John Dankworth's major albums of the 1960s and 1970s (including the never previously reissued "Full Circle"), two Dick Morrisey albums ("Storm Warning" and "Here and Now and Sounding Good") and one of the greatest British jazz albums ever recorded, Alan Skidmore's "TCB" featuring guests Mike Osborne and John Surman. Once again, Mike Dutton and Vocalion have rendered a substantial and much appreciated service to the jazz community with these lovingly produced reissues. For more detail please click here

17 June 2011 - The Guardian’s short series “A history of modern music” focuses today on Jazz and included within its 100 track playlist is the Rendell Carr Quintet's track “Dusk Fire”. To download the playlist click here

18 April 2011 - Amancio D'Silva's son Stephano is playing at Pizza Express Jazz Club Soho, London on Tuesday 21 June (7:00pm): Celebrating the Music of Amancio D’Silva. Stephano D'Silva's band features Norma Winstone, John Edwards and Henry Lowther: The start time is 8:30pm / Doors Open 7:00pm. London based guitarist Stephano D’Silva re-visits the exotic Indo-Jazz masterpieces of his father the late Goan guitar icon Amancio D’Silva (who recorded with Ian Carr), alongside new music – some written for the occasion. For tickets and further information please call 0845 6027 017 0845 6027 017 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

18 April 2011 - The Neil Ardley website has received a great new makeover and can be viewed here

12 April 2011 - Ex-Nucleus guitarist Ray Russell and friends including ex-Nucleus stalwart Geoff Castle plus Andy Mackintosh, Ralph Salmins and George Baldwin played a benefit gig at the Six Bells, Chiddingly, East Sussex on 19 October 2010. They played Ian Carr's "Midnight Oil" and fortunately this was recorded on video and is available to view on You Tube here

5 April 2011 - The WAC in North London is under threat of closure due to imminent funding withdrawal. Ian Carr was one of the jazz tutors of the WAC and a big supporter of it. It was through his active participation in the WAC that many jazz musicians are now playing professionally in the UK, including some famous names. This (from the obituary for Ian Carr from 2009) explains the WAC and Ian's connection to it in slightly greater detail: "He also taught at the Weekend Arts College for groups of young jazz musicians in North London and many of today’s jazz stars, such as pianist Julian Joseph and vocalist Cleveland Watkiss (both of whom performed at a tribute concert for Carr held at the Guildhall School of Music in November 2006) were inspired by him for his boundless enthusiasm and encouragement." More about the WAC here and please sign the petition to keep the WAC's funding here

31 March 2011 - There's a talk on Friday 22 April 2011 by Alyn Shipton entitled ‘Remembering Ian Carr’. His biographer, the Oxford-based author and broadcaster Alyn Shipton looks back on Ian Carr's remarkable contribution to British jazz. Alyn Shipton is an award-winning author and broadcaster, who is jazz critic for The Times in London, and a presenter/producer of jazz programmes for BBC Radio 3. The Oxford Jazz Festival takes place between 21-24 April 2011 and more details can be found here

10 March 2011 - A cross-departmental collaboration directed by Michael Garrick and Scott Stroman takes place on Tuesday 22 March at 7:30 pm at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama (Music Hall). This features poetry and jazz, jazz songs and dance with some of the GSMD students. Admission is free. This event is part of the Guildhall Annual Jazz Festival.

3 February 2011 - Michael Garrick will be debuting "Lament for Ian Carr" with the old Michael Garrick Quintet (Henry Lowther, Art Themen, Dave Green and Trevor Tomkins) at Pinner Church on Saturday 5th February 2010 at 7.30 which should make for a fascinating and unmissable gig.

3 February 2011 - The great drummer Tony Levin who played with Ian Carr's Nucleus in the early 1970s and was heard on the album "Labyrinth" died on 3 February aged 71. This is another great loss to British jazz. RIP Tony.

10 January 2011 - There will be a free concert on Tuesday 25th January 2011 celebrating the life and music of the late British jazz composer and arranger Neil Ardley, director of the 'New Jazz Orchestra'. The concert is to mark the donation of Neil’s scores by his widow, Vivien Wilson, to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. The concert, featuring the Guildhall Jazz Band under the direction of Scott Stroman will feature some of Neil’s scores and will take place in the Music Hall, beginning at 7.30pm. There are no tickets so simply turn up at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in good time to gain admission. Warning – this will be a popular event so there will probably be a queue!

31 December 2010 - A blogger - Catasto Elettrico - has uploaded a special 'Ian Carr Requiem' consisting of four tracks dedicated to Ian Carr. They can be downloaded from his blog here

14 December 2010 - The German Inakustik label has released a batch of two for one CDs by the United Jazz and Rock Ensemble originally recorded for the UJRE's own Mood label. These albums have been previously very difficult to obtain in the UK. For more details see the Inakustik website here

13 November 2010 - Alyn Shipton's guest on today's Jazz Library (BBC Radio 3) was Norma Winstone, who selected a track from Ian Carr's 1973 album "Labyrinth" (Ariadne) which was amongst those aired in the programme. The show can be heard for another six days here

9 November 2010 - Vivien Wilson, widow of the late Neil Ardley, is donating Neil’s scores to the Guildhall School library so that they can be preserved and performed. One of them – "Dejeuner sur l’Herbe" – was performed by Guy Barker’s Big Band Britannia at the Barbican in June in a concert recorded by the BBC but not yet broadcast. Scott Stroman hopes to perform some of the Neil’s scores at a concert at the Guildhall School on January 25th 2011. Neil, who died in 2004, was director of the New Jazz Orchestra from 1964 –70 when it included Ian Carr, Kenny Wheeler, Henry Lowther, Mike Gibbs, Paul Rutherford, Barbara Thompson, Dave Gelly, Art Theman, Dick Heckstall Smith, Don Rendell, Tony Reeves, Jack Bruce, Jon Hiseman and Norma Winstone in its various line ups. Other writers besides Neil included Mike Gibbs, Mike Garrick, Mike Taylor, Alan Cohen and Howard Riley. He was a close friend of Ian and often wrote for an expanded version of Nucleus as in his 1976 masterpiece “A Kaleidoscope of Rainbows”

3 November 2010 - A campaign has been started to save London's famous 100 Club which has been a major jazz venue for over half a century. On the 26 September 2006 a memorable benefit gig for Ian Carr took place at the 100 Club where many of Ian's fans and friends came to support him. We urge all readers of this site to take a look at the Save the 100 Club website which is striving to put in place a not-for-profit means of running the club in the future. For more details click here

1 November 2010 - Rendell Carr Quintet makes the top 100! Original vinyl copies of the 1965 "Shades of Blue" debut album by the Rendell Carr Quintet (Columbia 33SX 1733) in mint condition can fetch a staggering £1,000 according to the November issue of Record Collector magazine (issue 382) which places this album at number 100 in their list of the top 200 rarest records. Don Rendell's "Meet Don Rendell" (Tempo LAP 1) from 1955 was placed at number 161 with copies fetching £800 and Michael Garrick's "Moonscape" (Airborne NBP 0004) was in at number 119 valued at £1,000 - all of these albums have, thankfully, been reissued on CD.

16 October 2010 - The long-awaited biography of Jon Hiseman 'Playing The Band' by Martyn Hanson is published on Wednesday 20th October 2010. It includes anecdotes about The New Jazz Orchestra, John Mayall, Graham Bond, Georgie Fame, Colosseum, Tempest, Colosseum II, The United Jazz & Rock Ensemble and Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia. For more details click here

2 October 2010 - There's a great interview with John Marshall on the Prog Archives website which can be viewed here. In addition to talking about Nucleus and Soft Machine, John was asked at the conclusion of the interview which are the top five album in which he was involved and second on the list after the eponymous Mike Gibbs album is "Elastic Rock".

12 September 2010 - "Windmill Tilter" by Kenny Wheeler is now reissued and available from BGO Records. It is packaged in a slip case and has been re-mastered. In addition to John Dankworth's original sleevenotes there are new sleevenotes written by Ian Carr's biographer, Alyn Shipton in which he says in the concluding paragraph: 'In the forty-two years since it first appeared "Windmill Tilter" has been much written about as a great masterwork in the annals of British jazz. Its long overdue appearance on CD confirms that status, and also honours Kenny Wheeler in the year of his 80th birthday with the reissue of his first masterpiece'.

30 August 2010 - "Classic Rock Presents Prog" magazine (September 2010) contains a four page feature by Sid Smith on how Karl Jenkins changed Soft Machine after he departed Nucleus.

A jazz fan, Aki Takeda, has kindly sent this website two superb photos of Ian Carr. Aki took these photos when he was resident in London in the early 1980s. These can be viewed here

28 August 2010 - A jazz fan, Aki Takeda, has kindly sent this website two superb photos of Ian Carr. Aki took these photos when he was resident in London in the early 1980s. These can be viewed here

31 July 2010 - Michael Garrick's big band is featured on BBC Radio 3's Jazz Line Up tomorrow (1 August 2010) at 23.30hrs. The full details of the programme PLUS video clips from the recording session can be viewed here

23 July 2010 - Harry Beckett dies aged 75. "The much-admired trumpeter and flugelhorn player Harry Beckett died this afternoon after a stroke on Tuesday. His last gig was Big Band Britannia with Guy Barker's orchestra last month. The roll-call of bands he was in makes him a central figure of the 60s/70s British scene: Ian Carr's Nucleus, the Brotherhood of Breath and The Dedication Orchestra, London Jazz Composers Orchestra, John Surman Octet, Django Bates, Ronnie Scott's Quintet, Kathy Stobart, Charlie Watts, Stan Tracey's Big Band and Octet; Elton Dean's Ninesense. He also toured with Charles Mingus. (Harold Winston Beckett, born Barbados May 30 1935, died London July 22 2010)" Source: London Jazz

Harry was of course a soloist of great significance on the recording of Ian Carr's composition "Solar Plexus". He was also a central figure in Graham Collier's bands for many years and he was a pivotal figure on the British jazz scene for much of his life. RIP Harry.

19 July 2010 - Don Rendell's newly released Gearbox EP 'Manumisison' was featured on Stuart Maconie's radio show 'Freakzone' (BBC Radio 6) on Sunday 18 July 2010 and the programme can be heard for another six days only on the BBC iPlayer here

1 July 2010 - Gearbox Records, a new specialist vinyl production label, has slated for a forthcoming worldwide release, a limited edition of 500 copies each of a 1958 live recording entitled “Silhouette” by The Michael Garrick Quartet (GB1504) on 12” 180 gram LP, and “Manumission” by The Don Rendell Quintet (GB1505), taken from the live BBC Jazz for Moderns radio series broadcasts in 1962, hosted by Steve Race and produced at the time by Terry Henebery and recorded at the BBC Maida Vale Studios. These high quality recordings have never been commercially released before. They will be available in-store in the UK at Sister Ray Records in Soho; Rock and Roll Circus in Athens; Dusty Groove Records in the USA and Disk Union in Japan plus Amazon and eBay. STOP PRESS [16 July 2010] THESE ARE NOW RELEASED!

27 June 2010 - A copy of The EmCee 5's ultra rare EP "Let's Take Five" (Columbia SEG 8153) sold today on eBay for a staggering £180!

26 June 2010 - The author and playwright Alan Plater (who also wrote the Beiderbecke Trilogy) died yesterday (25 June 2010) aged 75. In 1990 Alan Plater wrote a play entitled "Going Home" which was performed at the Playhouse, Newcastle Upon Tyne. It needed live music and Max Roberts suggested to Plater "let's ask the great Ian Carr" to write and perform the music live onstage, which he did, with a quintet. It involved a degree of improvisation within certain scenes and this was performed by Carr "faultlessly". Plater also remarked that both he and Ian Carr attended Newcastle University at the same time, although they never met. Source: Sing a Song of Tyneside: Reunion Weekend 2007: Alan Plater lecture, 30 June 2007, Newcastle University Alumni Association. The full transcript of Plater's lecture at Newcastle University can be read here)

22 June 2010 - The Michael Garrick Big Band concert recorded at Maida Vale Studio 3 on June 14th 2010 will be broadcast on Jazz Line-Up on BBC Radio 3 on Sunday 1 August 2010 (Source: London Jazz)

14 June 2010 - This website extends its warmest congratulations to Michael Garrick on his award of Member of the British Empire in the June 2010 Queen's Birthday Honours list.

12 June 2010 - Michael Garrick's long-awaited autobiography 'Dusk Fire - Jazz in English Hands' written in conjunction with Trevor Bannister is now available to purchase from Springdale Publishing, 34 Springdale, Reading, RG6 5PR. The price is £15 (£12.50 + £2.50 p+p) and cheques should be made payable to 'Springdale Publishing'. Further enquiries to: tabannister@hotmail.co.uk
This is a great 250 page hardback tome replete with a cornucopia of biographical information and anecdotes about this absolute icon of British jazz (and his many colleagues in British jazz), together with several appendices including a discography and an indispensible list of broadcasts, plus an index.

8 June 2010 - Big Band Britannia: Inspirations and Collaborations - features a specially-assembled big band led by Guy Barker and special guests including Cleo Laine, Stan Tracey, Peter King, Bobby Wellins, Soweto Kinch, Jason Yarde and more. Also included should be a reading of Neil Ardley's classic composition "Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe", a very rare event! 19 June 2010 : 19:30 - Barbican Hall, London. Full details here.

24 May 2010 - Available to listen to for another 6 days only, Nucleus Revisited on BBC Jazz Line Up (Radio 3). This is a recording made by the BBC of the tribute concert that took place on 23 February 2010 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London entitled: 'Ian Carr - Celebration of a Life in Music'. This third and final segment of the concert featured Nucleus Revisited led by Geoff Castle and included guest musicians Ray Russell and John Marshall. To listen to this programme for another 7 days only go to the BBC iPlayer here.

22 May 2010 - British Jazz legend, Michael Garrick is featured on BBC Radio 3's Jazz Library this week (22 May 2010), introduced by Parliamentary Jazz Awards Jazz Broadcaster of the Year, Alyn Shipton. It can be heard in full here for another 7 days and there is also a podcast version of this programme available on iTunes.

17 May 2010 - Coming up on BBC Jazz Line Up (Radio 3): 23rd May 2010 at 23:30 – Nucleus Revisited. This is a recording made by the BBC of the tribute concert that took place on 23 February 2010 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London entitled: 'Ian Carr - Celebration of a Life in Music'. This third and final segment of the concert featured Nucleus Revisited led by Geoff Castle and included guest musicians Ray Russell and John Marshall. More details on this programme from the BBC Radio 3 Jazz Line Up web page can be viewed here.

11 May 2010 - The vinyl double album of the Rendell Carr Quintet's 'Live at the Union' was released yesterday by Stamford Audio and details of it can be viewed here. John Kelman's review of this recording has just been published on the All About Jazz website and can be viewed here.

6 May 2010 - Michael Garrick now has his own website here.

4 May 2010 - BBC Radio 3's Jazz Line-Up is celebrating 50 years of broadcasting by UK Legend Michael Garrick, by recreating his first broadcast on the then Jazz Club. Michael is currently looking up scores from around that era and has decided to use his tune " Bitter Sweet in Jazz". Sadly he no longer has the score nor any lead sheets and appeals to anyone who has a recording of it in any form. If any one can assist please contact Jazz Line-Up at: jazzlineup@bbc.co.uk

30 April 2010 - It has come to this site's attention that unscrupulous people were offering The Rendell Carr Quintet's "Live at the Union" downloads for $1 on a P2P (peer to peer) website. It was pointed out that in doing so they were hijacking a donation to (Alzheimer's) medical research. We are pleased to report that this link has now gone dead. If any visitors to this site encounter a similar piratical occurrence please would they email us here and appropriate action will be taken. Many thanks.

21 April 2010 - Today is the 77th anniversary of the birth of Ian Carr and this week saw the broadcast on BBC Radio 3 (Jazz on 3) of his 'Northumbrian Sketches' performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London on 23 February 2010. The broadcast is still available to hear on the BBC iPlayer for another 6 days

19 April 2010 - A new photo sent kindly to this website by Brian Smith shows personnel from Nucleus in 1978. It is located on the 'Images' section of the website and can also be viewed here. The photo shows (from left to right) Geoff Castle, Billy Kristian, Alf Dodd (Nucleus' PA Engineer and Road Manager), Brian Smith and Ian Carr. It was taken by Roger Sellers with Billy Kristian's camera.

13 April 2010 - In addition to the broadcast on Monday 19th April on BBC Radio 3's 'Jazz on 3' of the live performance of Ian Carr's "Northumbrian Sketches" performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hall tribute concert in February, on Sunday 18th April, Julian Joseph will be introducing music from the first half of the Ian Carr Celebration featuring Nikki Yeoh and the Michael Garrick Band ('Jazz Line-Up', Sunday 18 April 2010, 23:35 on BBC Radio 3. Programme running time: 85 minutes). This is part one of a two-part tribute to Ian, the second part of this concert will be broadcast on 'Jazz Line-Up' at a later date.

30 March 2010 - George Foster, organiser of the tribute concert to Ian Carr on 23 February 2010, reports that the event raised a total of £7,000 in aid of Alzheimer's charities. Proceeds from the sales of the Rendell Carr Quintet CD 'Live at the Union 1966' will go to Alzheimer's Research Trust, UK and the (vinyl) double LP of this music will be available soon from Stamford Audio.

29 March 2010 - Coming up on BBC Jazz On 3 (Radio 3): 19th April 2010 – Ian Carr’s 'Northumbrian Sketches'. This is a recording made by the BBC of the tribute concert that took place on 23 February 2010 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London entitled: 'Ian Carr - Celebration of a Life in Music'. This segment of the concert featured Mike Gibbs conducting a string orchestra led by Sonia Slany.

29 March 2010 - 'Professor' Justin Spear on Stuart Maconie's Freakzone (28 March 2010) played some excellent 'conceptual' British jazz tracks including the Rendell Carr Quintet's 'Boy, Dog and Carrot' from their last album 'Change Is' where he also discussed the transition made by Ian Carr from the Rendell Carr Quintet to Nucleus. The show is available to hear in full for another six days on the BBC iPlayer here

23 March 2010 - A memorial concert was held yesterday for the late, great Jeff Clyne at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. There is a review of this gig on the London Jazz blog here

12 March 2010 - There is a four star review of the newly released Reel Recordings "Rendell Carr Quintet - Live at the Union 1966" in today's Guardian, where John Fordham describes the CD as "both an absorbing historical document and a set of powerful jazz statements". Read the full review here

A very limited number of copies of Roger Farbey's book "The Music of Ian Carr - A Critical Discography" (as reviewed in Jazzwise magazine, March 2010) are available free of charge, although the author suggests that recipients make a donation directly to The Alzheimer's Society. This offer is limited to UK postal addresses only and to one book per address/person. UPDATE 30.3.10 - THERE ARE NO MORE AVAILABLE - SORRY!

1 March 2010 - The text of the programme note by George Foster, which appeared in the programme for the "Ian Carr - A Celebration of a Life in Music" concert can now be viewed here

25 February 2010 - Today (25th February 2010) is the first anniversary of Ian Carr's passing. A review of the concert held to mark this anniversary at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London on 23 February 2010 can be viewed here

20 February 2010 - Reel Recordings now has details on its website of the release of the Rendell Carr Quintet "Live at the Union 1966" CD here and similarly Stamford Audio now has details of the vinyl double album version of this release on its website here

14 February 2010 - One of Ian Carr's close friends, George Foster will be interviewed tonight by Stuart Maconie on BBC Radio 6's Freakzone and two rare tracks by the Rendell Carr Quintet ('Carol-ling' and 'Trane's Mood') will be featured on the programme (17.30-20.00 hrs GMT), which can be heard again via the Freakzone website for another seven days from today. The link to the show is here

6 February 2010 - One of the towering figures of British jazz, Sir John Dankworth, has died today aged 82. Many of today's great jazz musicians started out in Sir John's orchestras including Kenny Wheeler, Mike Gibbs and Henry Lowther. It was under John Dankworth's auspices that Kenny Wheeler's first album "Windmill Tilter" was produced.

23 January 2010 - The Rendell Carr Quintet are back in the charts! In the latest issue of Record Collector magazine (February 2010), a four page feature on the biggest eBay sales of last year ("eBaywatch 2009") lists the RCQ's "Shades of Blue" (Columbia SX 1733 mono) at number 44 out of 50 of the highest selling records of the year. It sold on eBay for a staggering £1,849 and was the only jazz album featured amongst 49 other Beatles and other pop and rock albums.

23 January 2010 - NEW FOR 2010! - The revised Melody Maker British Jazz Polls 1960-1974 are here!

Six unissued tracks by the legendary Don Rendell - Ian Carr Quintet

13 January 2010 - To coincide with the Concert celebrating Ian Carr’s life and music, an album containing over an hour’s performance by the Don Rendell – Ian Carr Quintet recorded live in December 1966 will be issued on CD by Canadian Company Reel Recordings (who specialise in remastering reel-to-reel tapes) and on a double LP by British Company Stamford Audio. Recordings by this legendary band are extremely rare. The band were taped at the Students’ Union Jazz Club at University College London on 12th December 1966 by George Foster, then Secretary of the Jazz Society at the College. In his sleeve notes he says: “The band were on exceptional form that night, even though Dave Green had to leave after a few numbers on a prior booking at Ronnie Scott’s Club backing Ben Webster. The gig wasn’t just a student end-of term-affair either: this room was where the New Jazz Orchestra rehearsed rent-free on Sunday afternoons in return for making the rehearsals open to a student audience. Ian was a regular NJO member, Michael & Don occasional visitors. On the tape, Don mentions Neil Ardley, Mike Gibbs “and many members of the NJO here tonight”. One was Tony Reeves, the NJO’s regular bassist, standing in for Dave Green. Michael Garrick was a graduate of the College and was absolutely at home. So it was a relaxed party-like atmosphere with an audience of over 100 squeezed into the room. And I got the band’s permission to tape the gig.……I heard this band many times and I don’t think that their studio recordings ever fully captured the power and fire of which they were capable…… If you never heard this band in the flesh, you are in for a treat or maybe even a shock, for this was a very hot band.” The tape was thought to have been lost in the late 1960s, but turned up among Ian’s possessions when his flat was cleared. The 6 tracks are On (Rendell) 6:29, Ursula (Garrick) 11:07, Trane’s Mood (Garrick)16:22. Carolling (Garrick)5:31, Webster’s Mood (Garrick)16:54 Hot Rod (Carr/Garrick) 14:42 - The sound quality was described as “very good, better than their other taped gigs”. "Live at the Union 1966" is released on 23 February in aid of medical research into Alzheimer's Disease.

10 December 2009 - Details of the special memorial concert for Ian Carr “A Celebration of his Life And Music” have now been released. This concert takes place on 23 February 2010 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London just two days before the first anniversary of Ian’s death, the concert will feature a host of musicians Carr worked with over the years. It will feature Michael Garrick leading the surviving members of the Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet (Don with Dave Green and Trevor Tomkins). Also in the concert line-up will be Henry Lowther, Art Themen and special guest Norma Winstone, recreating Michael’s band of 1970. Mike Gibbs will conduct Ian’s ‘Northumbrian Sketches’ a 30-minute suite for trumpet and string orchestra, with members of Nucleus (possibly also John Marshall) and special guest Guy Barker on trumpet. The concert will conclude with Nucleus Revisited featuring Nucleus alumni Geoff Castle, Phil Todd, Mark Wood, Rob Statham, Nic France and Chris Bachelor on trumpet with special guests Ray Russell and Tim Whitehead.

3 December 2009 - An obituary for Jeff Clyne appeared in yesterday's edition of The Guardian and may be viewed online here

17 November 2009 - This website is very sad to report the passing yesterday of the great bass player Jeff Clyne at the age of 72. Jeff was, of course, a founder member of Nucleus and played on its first three studio albums. He left Nucleus to join jazz rock bands Isotope and Gilgamesh. He also formed his own band 'Turning Point' which earlier this year had its two albums reissued for the first time on CD by Vocalion. Jeff Clyne began his career with Stan Tracey, the Jazz Couriers, Tubby Hayes and Keith Tippett. In 1966 Clyne also recorded a little known but excellent album with Ian Carr plus Trevor Watts and John Stevens entitled 'Springboard' for Polydor. This has yet to be reissued on CD but is regarded as one of the finest examples of contemporary British jazz. Jeff Clyne was also a highly regarded accompanist and tutor, co-directing the Wavendon jazz course, and teaching at the Royal Academy of Music and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. He will be much missed. R.I.P. Jeff.

3 November 2009 - A Memorial Concert for Ian Carr to mark the Anniversary of his death, is being planned for Tuesday 23rd February 2010 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London Details are still unconfirmed but it should feature Nucleus in its most recent line-up plus guests Ray Russell and Tim Whitehead also a group led by Michael Garrick and featuring Norma Winstone. The organisers are hoping that there will be a performance of Ian's "Northumbrian Sketches" a suite for Trumpet & String Orchestra. The concert will also be a fundraiser for research to combat Alzheimer's Disease. Tickets should go on sale in mid - December. A spokesman for the organisers said:

"As we have been recruiting musicians to appear at this memorial, the love, respect and esteem with which they all speak of Ian and their enthusiasm for his music is fantastic. He did so much for Jazz in this country as a player, band-leader, composer, teacher, writer and broadcaster that it's difficult to encompass it all. It would need several concerts like this to do him justice."

4 October 2009 - News just in, a forthcoming 180 gram Vinyl LP entitled "Live In Europe 1970-1971" by Nucleus is due for release on the Vinyl Lovers label sometime towards the end of this year. No more information is known about this release (or the label!)

27 September 2009 - The latest issue of Record Collector (November 2009, No 368) contains a nine page feature on Polydor Records and includes details and the cover of Ian Carr and Jeff Clyne's album 'Springboard' still awaiting a re-issue on CD. The vinyl version is currently valued at £100

1 September 2009 - A new image of Ian Carr and John Smallwood (courtesy of JS) has been posted on the Images section of the website and can be viewed here

4 August 2009 - Nucleus Revisited is playing a gig at Ronnie Scott's tonight as part of the club's August British Jazz Festival. The line-up of Nucleus Revisited is: Geoff Castle keyboards; Chris Batchelor trumpet; Phil Todd saxes; Mark Wood guitar; Rob Statham bass and Nic France drums. Michael Garrick is also appearing with a quartet on the same bill.

17 July 2009 - The latest issue of The Wire (Issue 306, August 2009) has an eight page "primer" on British visionary jazz, including features on the Rendell Carr Quintet and Nucleus

29 June 2009 - John Latimer Smith, one of Ian Carr's oldest and closest friends died on Friday 26th June. Ian and John first met when Ian did his stint of National Service in the early 1950s. John subsequently became a publisher and his imprint was the Latimer New Dimensions which published Ian's first book "Music Outside". Latimer published a number of books on music, including one by Cornelius Cardew, and a number by modern English poets. John was originally going to publish Ian's much acclaimed biography of Miles Davis, but unfortunately the company had to go into receivership, and the book was published by Quartet.

21 June 2009 - On the latest edition of 'Freakzone' (BBC Radio 6, 21 June 2009) guest Richard Morton Jack described the lack of a CD reissue of 'Hum Dono' by Joe Harriott and Amancio D'Silva as 'shameful'. The title track from this album was then played. Ian Carr, amongst others, appears on this album.

16 June 2009 - This website is saddened to learn of the death today of the great alto player Charlie Mariano, erstwhile member of the United Jazz and Rock Ensemble and colleague of Ian Carr.

9 June 2009 - Hugh Hopper, legendary bass guitarist best known for his years playing with Soft Machine, died on 7 June aged 64. He had been suffering from leukaemia. Apart from Soft Machine, Hopper played in various other bands including Isotope, Gilgamesh, Stomu Yamashta's East Wind, the Carla Bley European Band and latterly with Soft Heap and Soft Machine Legacy (with John Marshall). Hopper also made several albums under his own name including '1984' and 'Hopper Tunity Box'. Hugh was still a member of Soft Machine when it was cited as the top UK small jazz group in the Melody Maker jazz polls in the early 1970s. RIP Hugh.

28 May 2009 - A new Facebook Group has recently been started entitled 'RIP Ian Carr', in honour of this great musician. Join it here

25 May 2009 - The albums 'Silent Promise' and 'Creatures of the Night' by bassist and Nucleus founder member Jeff Clyne and his great jazz rock band 'Turning Point' are to be reissued by Vocalion at the end of this month. They are very highly recommended and features, amongst others, Pepi Lemer on vocals. More details here

5 May 2009 - Last Saturday's 'Jazz Library' included archive interviews with Ian Carr and Neil Ardley plus two tracks featuring Ian Carr, 'Torso' from 'Solar Plexus' and the title track from 'Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe'. The programme can be heard for another four days on the BBC iPlayer from the link here

30 April 2009 - This Saturday's 'Jazz Library' (BBC Radio 3, 16.00 GMT, 2 May 2009) features listener's recommendations including tracks by Ian Carr. There is also an archive interview with Neil Ardley on the programme. At Midnight there is a special repeat of the 'Jazz Library' interview with Ian Carr, previously aired earlier this year.

21 April 2009 - Today is the 76th anniversary of Ian Carr's birth.

9 April 2009 - An obituary for Ian Carr appears in the latest issue of Record Collector (May 2009, No 362).

6 April 2009 - George Cole, author of the book 'The Last Miles - The Music of Miles Davis 1980-1991' has written a personal tribute to his friend Ian Carr on George's website which can be viewed here

26 March 2009 - Alyn Shipton has written an elegant and personal tribute to Ian Carr in the latest issue of Jazzwise magazine (April 2009, issue 129)

23 March 2009 - The latest issue of Mojo magazine (May 2009) has a whole page obituary for Ian Carr written by Chris Ingham, who eulogises thus: "Ian Carr was a towering figure in British jazz."

Ian Carr - A Personal Tribute:

The Chelsea Arts Club has a long tradition of having musician members performing. I have been running the Friday jazz slot, off and on, for around thirty years. Towards the end of his playing life, I invited Ian to play with my band at the club. He explained that he didn't know many mainstream tunes and I said that we'd play whatever he was happy with. I told him to write out a list and that we'd work round it. The list included, Stella By Starlight, All Blues, Lover Man, Softly As In A Morning Sunrise and The Man I Love. And not much more. The set lasted two hours and we always managed to make this handful of songs go the distance. We might add an improvised blues, and a tune Ian didn't know well. Ian would sit out the head and simply take a couple of choruses in the middle. The line up varied from week to week but the core was Mark Wood on guitar, Dominic Alldis or Sara Dhillon on piano and George Trebar on bass. I played tenor, clarinet and alto. When we couldn't get a bass player, I played bass. There were nights when Ian would play alone with John Butler on piano and me on bass.

Ian's fragility worsened visibly during this period and it was obvious something serious was wrong. One night, Ian invited his doctor to listen. When I asked, reluctantly, he told me the bad news. Those Friday nights remain the highlight of my own musical journey. Ian's smile of approval is something I will treasure all my life.

Barry Fantoni
21 March 2009

19 March 2009 - Alyn Shipton and Tim Whitehead will be interviewed on BBC Radio 4's obituary programme 'Last Word' tomorrow (Friday 20 March 2009) to talk about Ian Carr. The programme airs at 16.00 GMT and will then be repeated on Sunday 20.30-21.00 GMT and is available on the BBC iPlayer now for the next seven days only. The link to the iPlayer programme is here

Alyn has also asked this website to mention that there will be a 'Jazz Library' Listener Feedback show on 2 May 2009 which will include a section on Ian Carr, playing music requested by listeners to the 'Jazz Library' edition on Ian's music. Alyn is hoping to include some short interview sections with the late Neil Ardley talking to me about Ian. The original Ian Carr edition of 'Jazz Library' (first broadcast on 7 February 2009) will then be repeated at midnight that same Saturday evening.

Also: Alyn Shipton contacted this website on 19 March regarding Ian Carr's funeral service, "I overlooked one of the most important things I had intended to say at the event, which was to thank all the carers and medical staff who had looked after Ian during his last years of illness."

18 March 2009 - A description written by George Foster of the funeral service for Ian Carr which took place on 13 March 2009 at Golder's Green Crematorium can be viewed here

16 March 2009 - Tonight on Jazz on 3 (11.15 pm on BBC Radio 3) is, as part of its programme, broadcasting a tribute to the late Ian Carr. This is the synopsis from the Jazz on 3 Newsletter: "Ian Carr was perhaps most famous for forming Nucleus, the most celebrated home-grown British jazz-rock band of the 1970s. However, the music he produced was only a small part of his creative output as we discover at midnight tonight. Jazz on 3 speaks to some of the people that knew and worked with Ian over the years, plus Guardian writer and long-time friend John L Walters joins Jez in the studio to celebrate the man, the writer, the educator and the musician". This broadcast should also be available on the BBC iPlayer for seven days

14 March 2009 - Ian Carr's funeral took place yesterday afternoon at Golder's Green Crematorium. The West Chapel was filled to capacity with Ian's friends and amongst those invited to speak at the service were Alyn Shipton, Gerald Laing, Mike Dibb, Geoff Castle, Sara Dillon, Nikki Yeoh and Julian Joseph. Henry Lowther played a short requiem 'For Liam' (which was also known as 'The Rest is Silence' on Ian's album 'Sounds and Sweet Airs'). The full programme for Ian Carr's funeral service is available to view here. A very moving and fine tribute to one of the most significant figures in British and indeed world jazz. Rest in Peace Ian.

8 March 2009 - Stuart Maconie's Freakzone (BBC Radio 6) paid a special tribute to Ian Carr tonight by playing three tracks from 'We'll Talk About It Later' ('We'll Talk About It Later', 'Lullaby For A Lonely Child' and 'Song For The Bearded Lady')

7 March 2009 - An obituary for Ian Carr has now been published in The New York Times and can be viewed online here.

A message from Selina Carr - 10 April 2009:
I just would like to thank everyone so much for all their kindness and for all the letters, cards, emails, cds and dvds that I have received from my father's friends and work colleagues. I am very touched. So thank you everyone!

6 March 2009 - An obituary for Ian Carr has now been published in The Tribune (Glasgow) and can be viewed online here. There is also an obituary in this week's Ham & High (Hampstead and Highgate Express, 5 March 2009) on page 10, where Ian was described as a resident of Primrose Hill (because he lived there for several years). An obituary for Ian also appears on the All About Jazz website, and can be viewed here.

4 March 2009 - DJ Simone Vimercati from Como, Italy has emailed this website to report that she will play as a tribute to Ian Carr, The Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet track "Dusk Fire" on her web-radio show Jazz It Up!!! (#156) which will be available online from next week all over the world: here, or here

3 March 2009 - BBC Radio 3's 'Jazz on 3' broadcast last night (2 March 2009, 11.15-13.00 GMT) a short tribute to Ian Carr and played the track 'Snakehips Dream'. Jez Nelson mentioned that there would be a future 'Jazz on 3' tribute to Ian and that Radio 3 was also planning to re-broadcast (at an unspecified future date) the recent 'Jazz Library' programme which featured Ian Carr. The 'Jazz on 3' programme is still available to hear for the next seven days on the BBC iPlayer, the link to which is here. A photo of Ian Carr and Don Rendell circa 1969, was kindly sent to this site today by Jack Goodwin and can be viewed here

Update 2 March 2009 - There is a tribute to Ian Carr on the Elastic Rock blog here (link deleted).

28 February 2009 - Two more obituaries for Ian Carr have now been published in the national press today. The Daily Telegraph has an online version here and The Guardian has one here

27 February 2009 - Two obituaries for Ian Carr have now been published in the national press today. The Times has an online version here and The Independent has one here

25 February 2009 - Dave MacRae sent the following email to this website "I have just heard from Brian Smith of Ian's passing. As my own ego diminishes with age I can better realise the great driving force Ian was and how much dedication and just hard work it must have taken to push forward with his musical ideas and dreams. Some of us who travelled with him as contributing "sidemen" were sometimes not appreciative of the difficulties involved in running "Nucleus" and this must have made forward progress a little more difficult.........if I knew then what I know now etc. etc....I realise what an important time it was for me to have shared some of the "Nucleus spirit" and would like you to pass on to my fellow musicians sharing the "Nucleus Bus" how lucky we were to share some of Ian's musical dreams. Now that my son is delving into the world of vinyl recordings, the sound of Ian and Nucleus have returned to my house. My condolences to all who will miss him." - More emails of condolence sent to this website can be viewed on the Ian Carr Tribute Page here.

25 February 2009 - This website is very sad to report the death of Ian Carr this afternoon. An obituary for Ian Carr can be viewed here.

27 January 2009 - Ian Carr to feature on BBC Radio 3's Jazz Library! Jazz Library presented by Ian's biographer Alyn Shipton will feature the life and music of Ian Carr. This programme is scheduled for transmission on Saturday 7 February 2009 at 16:00 GMT. The following is from the press release on this programme: Few people active on the British Jazz scene have not come across Ian Carr, whether as trumpeter, bandleader, author or teacher. His insightful biographies of Miles Davis and Keith Jarrett are classics, and his work as leader of Nucleus did much to establish jazz rock in Britain. In this interview (recorded before Carr began to suffer from a long illness) he picks some of his favourite examples from his lengthy catalogue of recordings, showing how he was at the forefront of bringing some of the innovations of Miles Davis to the UK scene. The Rendell-Carr Quintet was one of the most influential bands of 60s, as was the Newcastle-based EmCee five led by Ian's younger brother Mike, which made some powerful recordings.

9 February 2009 - This website is sad to report the passing of two musicians with whom Ian Carr played. Kofi Ghanaba or Guy Warren of Ghana died on 22 December and Blossom Dearie, with whom Ian Carr recorded on her last album for Fontana 'That's Just The Way I Want To Be', who died on 7 February. Guy Warren is heard on the Rendell Carr Quintet's album 'Change-Is' and the RCQ are heard on Guy's album 'Afro Jazz'.

31 December 2008 - Congratulations to John Martyn who is awarded an OBE in the January 2009 New Year's honours list. John's brilliant guitar work can be heard on the newly-reissued Neil Ardley album 'Harmony of the Spheres' (Esoteric Records) which also features Ian Carr.

15 December 2008 - This website is sad to report the passing on 3 December 2008 of Derek Wadsworth, British jazz trombonist, session musician, composer and arranger. Derek joined an extended line-up of Nucleus briefly in 1979, for the 'Conversations With The Blues' tour. He also played trombone on three of the most important British jazz albums ever recorded, The New Jazz Orchestra's 'Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe', Graham Collier's 'Songs for My Father' and Mike Westbrook's 'Metropolis'. RIP Derek.

25 November 2008 - Neil Ardley's album 'Harmony of the Spheres' received its first official UK re-issue on CD yesterday. Featuring Ian Carr, Barbara Thompson, Tony Coe, Geoff Castle, Bill Kristian, Trevor Tomkins, and Richard Burgess (Landscape) with Norma Winstone and Pepi Lemer on wordless vocals. Another remarkable feature of the album was provided by some excellent electric guitar work from folk star John Martyn. 'Harmony of the Spheres' was Ardley's last recorded work for a major record label. The original cover artwork was designed by Storm Thorgerson. The album was recorded in London in 1978. Available on Esoteric Recordings ECLEC 2096.

20 November 2008 - Newcastle photographer Jim Perry had an exhibition of prints at the Sage, Gateshead this year. These feature jazz in Newcastle in the 1960s and include several of Ian and Mike Carr and the EmCee Five. These unique photographs have been loaded onto Flickr and can be viewed here

19 November 2008 - A new book of LP art entitled 'Jazz Covers' has just been published by Taschen. Although there are only a handful of British albums featured here along with the book's hundreds of vinyl covers, a whole page is devoted to the Ian Carr and Nucleus LP, 'Solar Plexus' and there is also a page displaying the Rendell Carr Quintet's 'Phase III' and 'Dusk Fire'. 'Jazz Covers' by Joaquim Paulo Fernandes and Julius Wiedemann Taschen, 2008, ISBN: 9783822823668. 400 pages.

4 November 2008 - Hugh Hopper benefit gig -14 December 2008 - There is to be a benefit gig for bassist / legend Hugh Hopper, who is suffering from leukaemia. The mooted line-up is: Soft Machine Legacy (with Fred Baker on bass), Delta Saxophone Quartet, Phil Miller's In Cahoots, Bash Quartet (Alex Maguire/Patrice Meyer/Fred Baker/Liam Genockey), Sophia Domancich & Simon Goubert Duo. The gig will be at the 100 Club, 100 Oxford Street, London, W1. For further information go to the 100 Club website: here and use the calendar to select 14 December. This website sends its best wishes to Hugh and his family.

3 October 2008 - From the ROIO (Recordings of Independent Origin) blog 'Elastic Rock' there's a new link to a rare, never officially commercially released BBC recording of a Nucleus broadcast from 1974. The link to the 'Elastic Rock' site is here

25 September 2008 - A major feature on 'The 200 Rarest UK Albums of All Time' in the latest issue of Record Collector (November 2008, No. 355) features two Rendell-Carr Quintet albums ('Dusk Fire' and 'Shades of Blue') at numbers 152 and 58 respectively.

25 September 2008 - A major retrospective 5 CD box set of the Blue Notes with Chris McGregor, which includes a booklet of memories and photographs, has just been released on Ogun. It includes a large amount of previously unreleased material and is highly recommended. Catalogue number: OGCD024 - 028. It is available from: Cadillac Jazz as well as the usual jazz CD outlets

31 August 2008 - There's a chance to hear again BBC Radio 3's 'Private Passions' with jazz musician Barry Fantoni talking about his friend Ian Carr and playing a section from 'Northumberland Sketches'. This is available on the BBC replayer for the next seven days from the link here

1 August 2008 - There's a feature on ex-Nucleus virtuoso bass player Jeff Clyne in the latest edition of Jazz UK magazine(August/September Issue 82).

21 June 2008 - A review of the new 2008 Dusk Fire Records CD release of the New Jazz Orchestra live at Camden, London, 1970 is now available to view here

17 June 2008 - Just located by this website, Nucleus fans will want to see this You Tube clip which shows U.S. band Jason Smith's Tipping Point perform Elastic Rock at the Los Angeles Jazz Bakery in August 2007 - check it out here

11 June 2008 - On Stuart Maconie's excellent 'Freak Zone' (BBC Radio 6, 8th June 2008) Professor Justin Spear played 'Black Marigolds' by the Rendell Carr Quintet.

3 June 2008 - While this website does NOT condone the propagation of bootleg recordings of any kind, there are some 'Recordings of Indeterminate Origin' (ROIOs) which are distributed freely and which are of obviously great historical importance and also are highly unlikely ever to receive a legitimate release. Some blogs or websites offer links to ROIOs as a free service to genuine fans. One such website is Big O from Singapore, which is offering a free download (as 'ROIO of the week') of the incredibly rare (until today, this website was totally unaware of its existence) recording of Leon Thomas and Nucleus at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1970. This website can be found here. We reiterate that the Ian Carr and Nucleus website does NOT condone either bootlegs or ROIOs and this information has been posted at the reader's own risk.

27 May 2008 - The Michael Garrick Sextet album -'Promises' from 1965 originally released on the Argo label, finally receives its first official reissue on CD. It features Ian Carr, Joe Harriott and Tony Coe amongst others and is a classic and unmissable British jazz album and one of Garrick's best. It is released on 2 June 2008 on the Vocalion label (CDSML 8440).

15 May 2008 - A review of the Michael Garrick Sextet Revisited concert (10 May 2008) in Darlington is now available to view here

8 May 2008 - The Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet track 'Bath Sheba' (from the album 'Phase III') was featured on Stuart Maconie's 'Freak Zone' show on BBC Radio 6 last Sunday, 4 May 2008

21 April 2008 - Ian Carr is 75 today - Happy Birthday Ian!

16 April 2008 - A four star rating appears alongside a review of the new edition of 'Music Outside' in the latest issue of Record Collector (May 2008, No. 349)

16 April 2008 - The 75th birthday celebrations for Michael Garrick reach London in May with two dates at Pizza Express Jazz Club, Dean Street. On the 6th May it's Michael Garrick with strings and on the 7th May, a reunion on the original Michael Garrick Sextet featuring Norma Winstone. This sextet will also be featured in a broadcast on BBC Radio 3 in the summer.

The postponed Mike Osborne Memorial Concert will now be held at the 100 Club, 100 Oxford Street, London, W1 [North side between Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Circus] on Thursday 3 April 2008. Those appearing will include: Alan Skidmore / Geoff. Gascoyne; Mike Westbrook; Steve Melling / Tony Levin; Stan Tracey Trio with Andrew Cleyndert and Clark Tracey; Louis Moholo-Moholo ~ Dave Holdsworth / Chris Biscoe; Evan Parker + Jeff Green / Tony Marsh / Marcio Mattos. Admission: £10.00 / Concessions: £ 7.00
Doors open 7.30 to 11.30. For more information telephone: 020 7619 9111
020 7619 9111 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting and Ogun will be releasing Mike Osborne's 'All Night Long - Live at Willisau' (previously released as a LP OG700) with extra material, in time for the concert. The CDs will be on sale at the gig.

9 March 2008 - Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone (BBC Radio 6) broadcast on Sunday 2 March, included the Nucleus anthem 'Song for the Bearded Lady'

22 February 2008 - There's an enthusiastic review of the new edition of 'Music Outside' in the latest issue of Jazzwise (March 2008, issue 117) where Duncan Heining describes it as 'a very welcome new edition'.

20 February 2008 - Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone (BBC Radio 6) broadcast on Sunday 17 February, featured a section on modern British jazz, where his guest on the show was Roger Cotterrell talking about Ian Carr's recently republished book 'Music Outside'. Stuart also played tracks by the Rendell Carr Quintet, Michael Garrick and Mike Westbrook.

17 February 2008 - The latest issue of Record Collector magazine (March 2008, No 347) includes the second part of a major feature on British jazz collectables from the 1950s - 1970s, in which Ian Carr is described as 'the most important trumpet player of this period'. We think this should have been 'most important British trumpet player ever' of course! Excellent feature and highly recommended.

4 February 2008 - Jazz pianist and composer Michael Garrick will perform on Saturday March 29th at 8 pm at Hinde Street Church, London W1 (between Baker Street and Bond Street stations). Pay at the door: £7. The concert is in aid of the West London Day Centre for homeless people.

24 January 2008 - The latest edition of Record Collector magazine (February 2008, No 346) has the first part of a major feature on British jazz collectables which naturally includes albums by Ian Carr and Don Rendell amongst many others.

24 January 2008 - Trumpeter Tommy McQuater, who died on 20 January 2008 aged 93, helped many well-known fellow trumpeters during their early years including Digby Fairweather and Ian Carr.

17 January 2008 - The new edition of Ian Carr's 'Music Outside' was launched at London's Guildhall School of Music last Friday 11th January, where four of the members of the Rendell Carr Quintet were in attendance (Ian Carr, Don Rendell, Michael Garrick and Trevor Tomkins). Other guests included tenor saxophonist Stan Robinson, ex-Nucleus bassist Jeff Clyne, veteran bassist Coleridge Goode, film director Mike Dibb and the publisher of the first edition of 'Music Outside', John Latimer Smith. Music was provided by students of the jazz department at the Guildhall, led by the redoubtable Martin Hathaway, who played a selection of Ian Carr compositions. Music Outside, 2nd Edition was officially published on 1 January. It can be ordered through bookshops, online via Amazon, or directly from the publishers: Northway Publications, 39 Tytherton Road London N19 4PZ, Price £15.99 inc P+P, cheques need to be in sterling on UK bank accounts and made payable to 'Northway Publications'.

29 December 2007 - Stan Tracey, 'Godfather of British Jazz' received a CBE in the 2008 New Year's honours list for services to jazz music. Congratulations to Stan on this well deserved award.

6 December 2007 - Music Outside is officially published on 1 January, however, if you are really keen to get it sooner, you can order it now directly from: Northway Publications, 39 Tytherton Road London N19 4PZ, Price £15.99 inc P+P, cheques need to be in sterling on UK bank accounts and made payable to 'Northway Publications'. We are informed that the publishers have just received stocks of the book from the printers!

9 November 2007 - Rare footage of the United Jazz and Rock Ensemble has been posted onto You Tube and one track (Be Bop Rock by Wolfgang Dauner) features solos by Kenny Wheeler and Ian Carr. It can be viewed from this link here

25 October 2007 - After 37 years, Ian Carr's former employer, the late Harold McNair has his album 'The Fence' re-issued for the first time on CD. This album, in a cardboard replica sleeve comes complete with a booklet of liner notes and photographs plus 5 bonus tracks taken from Harold McNair's eponymously titled album from 1968. It is available now on the Bodyheat Records label (BHR-904).

19 October 2007 - A double CD compilation 'Kind Of Jazz - Jazz Rock' compiled by Jazztronik, was released on 25 July 2007 by Universal, Japan and amongst many great tracks by British, German and American musicians including Tony Williams, Peter Herbolzheimer, Mike Westbrook and Graham Collier there are three titles by Ian Carr / Nucleus: 'Remadione' by Brian Smith, 'Elastic Rock' by Karl Jenkins and 'Persephone's Jive' by Ian Carr. Catalogue number UICZ-8029/30 (2CD

29 September 2007 - Ian Carr better trumpeter than Miles shock, horror, probe! Jazz musician and Private Eye contributor Barry Fantoni has recently gone on record as saying "I think Ian Carr is a better trumpet player than Miles Davis". This controversial statement was heard when Barry was the guest on BBC Radio 3's weekly programme 'Private Passions' (23 September 2007) and one of the two jazz records he chose for the programme was Ian's "Open Country" from his "Northumberland Sketches" suite (the other was "Blood Count" by the Duke Ellington Orchestra).

20 September 2007 - Following news of the death of Paul Rutherford (see 7 August) the death has just been announced of another great British jazz stalwart, the legendary alto player, Mike Osborne who had played in Mike Westbrook's various early bands, Brotherhood of Breath and with John Surman and Alan Skidmore had been a member of the saxophone trio, S.O.S.

16 September 2007 - In the last months of his life at the 1991 Montreux Jazz Festival, Miles Davis played a concert revisiting the famous Gil Evans scores. Miles was in poor health and to share the burden of the solos he chose the young trumpeter Wallace Roney. He had befriended Roney and Wikipedia says that Roney was the only trumpeter Miles personally mentored. At the end of the concert Miles gave his trumpet to the young player. (See Ian's biography of Miles, 'The Final Chapter' ). A few weeks later Miles was dead. Recently the Wallace Roney band played a short stint at Ronnie Scott’s in London (Summer 2007). Wallace sent an email via this website inviting Ian to be his guest. Ian assumed that Wallace wanted to discuss Miles, but there turned out to be more than that. Wallace Roney told Ian that he was heavily indebted to Ian and Nucleus and wanted to express his gratitude. As a young trumpeter, he had found Ian's style and the music of Nucleus a great inspiration to him and a huge influence on his playing. He had always wanted to meet Ian to thank him.

14 August 2007 - The new address for this website is now: http://www.iancarrsnucleus.net which has been acquired in order to put the site on a more 'professional' footing (even though this is still a strictly non-commercial website) and to eliminate the forced advertising of the previous free of charge website. It also allows much more expansion space and per hour traffic. Please remember to bookmark this new site NOW!

7 August 2007 - 'Music Outside', Ian Carr's seminal book on contemporary British jazz is to be republished by Northway Publications towards the end of the year. This will be the first time the book has been republished in over 30 years. It has been long out of print and has fetched very high prices on the second-hand book market. The book is highly sought after by all fans of British modern jazz and features chapters on Mike Westbrook, John Surman, John Stevens, Ian Carr and Nucleus, Jon Hiseman and many others. More news when we have it on this important publication.

7 August 2007 - The great British contemporary jazz trombonist Paul Rutherford has died. He was 67. He was best known for his work in Iskra 1903 with Derek Bailey and Barry Guy and also for playing with various Mike Westbrook bands. RIP Paul.

26 July 2007 - A review of the first time release of Mike Taylor Remembered (with Ian Carr and the New Jazz Orchestra) is viewable here

23 July 2007 - The never before released recording of Mike Taylor compositions by Neil Ardley's New Jazz Orchestra entitled "Mike Taylor Remembered", will be released on August 27th on the Dusk Fire record label. The recording, which took place at Denis Preston's Lansdowne Studios in London in 1973, features Ian Carr, Norma Winstone and Jon Hiseman amongst others. Full details can be seen on the Dusk Fire website

22 June 2007 - A newly obtained photograph of Ian Carr with John Smallwood taken in Santa Fe in 1998 is viewable here

6 June 2007 - *NEW* for 2007 - Roots - The Early Days of Ian Carr and The EmCee Five (a new page of memorabilia devoted to Ian Carr's earliest musical concerts can be viewed here

30 April 2007 - There are two tracks now on You Tube filmed at last month's Nucleus Revisited Jazzwise concert at Pizza Express, London. The two tracks are 'Midnight Oil' which can be viewed here and 'Mutatis Mutandis', which can be viewed here. If that isn't enough, there's also some very rare footage taken from French TV of The Michael Garrick Sextet performing Jazz Praises at St. Paul's Cathedral October 1968, which features Ian Carr and John Marshall amongst the line-up. The link to this is here.

21 April 2007 - Ian Carr is 74 today. Many happy returns Ian!

31 March 2007 - There is a review of the Pizza Express Jazzwise to the Power of 10 Nucleus Revisited Ian Carr Tribute concert here

20 March 2007 - There is a review of the Sage Gateshead EmCee Five / Nucleus Revisited Ian Carr Tribute concert here - Thanks to Vincent Carr for writing the review for this website.

19 March 2007 - The Gateshead Sage concert on Saturday 17 March was, by all accounts a stunning success. The first set was performed by Mike Carr who recreated his group the EmCee Five and the second set was performed by Nucleus Revisited. In between sets Alyn Shipton and Mike Dibb presented some rare footage of Ian Carr in various contexts including the Rendell Carr Quintet. Nucleus Revisited will play again on Friday 30 March at Pizza Express Jazz Club in Dean Street, London

4 March 2007 - A rare photo of Ian Carr taken around 1954 has been obtained for this website. Click here to view

8 February 2007 - A Nucleus Revisited tribute gig to Ian Carr takes place on 30 March 2007 at Pizza Express Jazz Club (Dean Street, London) as part of the 'Jazzwise to the Power of Ten' week long festival celebrating the 10th birthday of Jazzwise magazine: Line-up is confirmed (as at 9 February) as: Chris Batchelor, trumpet; Tim Whitehead, saxes; Mark Wood, guitar; Geoff Castle, keys; Rob Statham, bass and Marc Parnell drums

5 February 2007 - 'Elastic Rock' is voted number 5 in the Mojo readers' top 10 Jazz Rock Fusion albums, just behind John McLaughlin's 'Inner Mounting Flame' and Tony Williams' 'Emergency!'. Mojo describes Ian Carr as "one of Britain's most inspired jazz men." (Mojo - Issue 160, March 2007, pages 138-139).

29 January 2007 - Gateshead's Sage Theatre website announces "There is a very special tribute event at The Sage, Gateshead in Newcastle on Saturday 17th March 2007...a tribute to the music of one of the most pivotal figures in British jazz, and one of the best-known jazz musicians to come out of Newcastle, Ian Carr, hosted by broadcaster/journalist Alan Shipton and featuring a special recreation of Northeast band the EmCee Five and a newly reformed version of Carr's seminal fusion band Nucleus. The Music of Ian Carr, hosted by Alyn Shipton with EmCee Five Recreated and Nucleus Revisited - Saturday 17 March 4:00 pm - (ends 6.30pm) Venue: Hall Two, The Sage Gateshead. EmCee Five Recreated - Lewis Watson, Adrian Tilbrook, Adam Dennis, Noel Dennis, Andy Champion. Nucleus Revisited - Chris Batchelor, Geoff Castle and more. Ian Carr is one of the pivotal figures in British jazz. Trumpeter, composer and writer, his career embraces the seminal Rendell/Carr Quintet in the 60s and the mighty fusion group Nucleus - as well as biographies of Keith Jarrett and Miles Davis. Alyn Shipton, whose own biography of Ian was published in 2006, hosts this tribute event. A quintet of the Northeast's finest re-creates the music of the EmCee Five, the 60's Newcastle group featuring Ian who were one of the first regional bands to make a national impression in the 60's; and a sextet of Nucleus old boys demonstrates just how fresh Ian's inspirational take on electric jazz sounds even today, thirty years on." In collaboration with Schmazz and Jazz Action. The Sage Gateshead's Ticket Office is open Monday - Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday 10am - 6pm. For more information or to book online click here or telephone The Sage ticket office on 0191 443 4661 0191 443 4661 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting - Ticket prices £13 (£7 standing).

Top British reissues of 2006:

Harry Beckett - Warm Smiles/Themes for Fega (Vocalion)
New Jazz Orchestra - Western Reunion (Vocalion)
Michael Garrick - Home Stretch Blues (Vocalion)
John Surman - Home Many Clouds Can You See? (Vocalion)
SOS (Skidmore, Osborne, Surman) (Ogun)
Amancio D'Silva - Konkan Dance (Vocalion)
Michael Garrick - Cold Mountain (Vocalion)
Michael Garrick - Poetry & Jazz in Concert
Louis Moholo - Spirits Rejoice! (Ogun)
Terry Smith - Fall Out (Sunbeam)
John Surman, Alan Skidmore, Tony Oxley - Jazz in Britain (Vocalion)
Stan Tracey - Return of Captain Adventure (TentoTen)
Mike Westbrook - Citadel/Room 315 (BGO)
Ray Warleigh - Ray Warleigh's First Album (Sunbeam)

8 December 2006 - Nucleus founder member Karl Jenkins has been invited to be a “castaway” on the BBC radio programme, “Desert Island Discs”, which is to be broadcast on Radio 4 on December 10th at 11.15 a.m. and repeated on Dec 15th at 9.00 a.m. Don't miss either of these broadcasts because the "listen again" feature is unavailable for this show!

3 December 2006 - A three star review by Duncan Heining of 'UK Tour '76' appears in this month's Jazzwise (December/January issue 104, page 66).

28 November 2006 - A glowing three star review of 'UK Tour '76' appears in this month's Record Collector (Issue 331, Christmas 2006, page 105) plus a name check for Nucleus on page 87 of that issue, shown in a 1971 flyer of jazz gigs in London.

15 November 2006 - There is a review of the Ian Carr Tribute Concert at the Guildhall School of Music held yesterday as part of the London Jazz Festival now on this website which can be viewed here

8 November 2006 - LATEST NEWS! - Guildhall Jazz Band: Ian Carr Tribute: Tuesday, 14 November 20:00 - Location: Music Hall; featuring Nick Smart trumpet, Christian Brewer alto saxophone, Tom Challenger tenor saxophone, Jeremy Price trombone, Cleveland Watkiss voice, Chris Allard guitar, Julian Joseph piano and Mark Hodgson bass. Directed by Scott Stroman. Part of the London Jazz Festival: Tickets: £15 (£5 concessions) from the Barbican Box Office 020 7638 8891 020 7638 8891 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting from 14 October.

15 October 2006 - Guildhall Jazz Band: Ian Carr Tribute: Tuesday, 14 November 20:00 Location: Music Hall: With friends and alumni including Julian Joseph, Cleveland Watkiss and Christian Brewer, directed by Scott Stroman. This concert brings together Guildhall School alumni, friends, and protégés, including Julian Joseph (piano), Cleveland Watkiss (vocals), Christian Brewer (alto sax), and the Guildhall Jazz Band to honour and recreate his music. Tickets on sale now priced £15 from the Barbican Box Office.

27 September 2006 - There is a review of the Ian Carr benefit concert now on this website which can be viewed here

15 September 2006 - It is confirmed that there is to be an IAN CARR BENEFIT GIG at the 100 Club, 100 Oxford Street, London on 26 Sep 2006 - 7.30pm - 11pm. FIRST SET - Norma Winstone with Henry Lowther, Art Themen, Mike Garrick, Dave Green & Trevor Tomkins - SECOND SET - Jacqui Dankworth with John Etheridge, Alec Dankworth et al - FINAL SET - Members of Michael Garrick Quartet and Big Band. Members £10 adv & door / £8 conc. Non-members £10 adv & door / £8 conc. STOP PRESS: Final set now to include both Kenny Wheeler and Stan Sulzmann!!!
There is a benefit concert for Lol Coxhill at The Red Rose Club, 129 Seven Sisters Road, London, N7 7QG (tel: 020 7281 3051
020 7281 3051 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting) on Sunday 24 September, featuring (from 3.30pm):Sylvia Hallett/ Clive Bell. Mike Walter / Jim LeBaigue / Morris English."Albert Newton": Charles Hayward / Harry Beckett / Pat Thomas / John Edwards. (from 5.50pm): Stewart Lee. Evan Parker / John Russel / John Edwards. Dave Green / Henry Lowther. Phil Minton / Terry Day. (from 8.30pm): Steve Beresford/ Mark Sanders. Veryan Weston / Tom Chant. "Basic Electric Dreaming": Dave Tucker / Alison Blunt / Malcom Bruce / Steve Noble - doors open at 3pm - £8 / £6

7 September 2006 - NEWS JUST IN - From the Guildhall School of Music and Drama Website: "Guildhall Jazz Band: Ian Carr Tribute - Tuesday, 14 November 20:00 - Location: Music Hall - Trumpeter Ian Carr is one of the great driving forces in British jazz. His contribution stretches from ground-breaking performances in the Rendell-Carr Quintet and Nucleus to outstanding journalism and direct inspiration and leadership of several generations of world-class young musicians. This concert brings together Guildhall School alumni and friends to honour him and recreate his music. Part of the London Jazz Festival. Tickets: £15 (£5 concessions) from the Barbican Box Office 020 7638 8891 020 7638 8891 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting from 14 October". More news when we have it!

19 August 2006 - A New Nucleus album is being released on Monday 16th October. "UK Tour '76" is a double album of a set recorded for a radio broadcast at Loughborough University in February 1976. The album is released on the MLP label (MLP13CD). For full details of personnel and tracklist click here

1 August 2006 - Nucleus' "Elastic Rock" is 'mentioned in dispatches' in Jazzwise's Special 100th issue 'The 100 Jazz albums that shook the world' feature. Nucleus' "Hemispheres" is also mentioned in the Jazzwise charts (August 2006)

An unsolicited testimonial from flautist Phil Bent reads (on his website): "I owe a great deal to one man, the trumpeter, composer and author Ian Carr, who changed my life. At the age of nineteen I attended the Ian Carr class at WAC in Chalk Farm. He opened a door for me and I could hear and see the whole world of music in a great and more focused way from his teaching. It was Ian Carr who introduced me to Miles Davis." Phil's website can be viewed here

14 July 2006 - Ian Carr was recognised last night for his contribution to the jazz industry with the Services to Jazz In The UK Award presented at the annual BBC Jazz Awards held at London's Mermaid Theatre. Introducing his award, fellow United Jazz and Rock Ensemble friend and colleague Barbara Thompson made a moving speech outlining the comprehensiveness and depth of Ian Carr's contribution to jazz and Ian, aided by his long-time friend Jon Hiseman, received a standing ovation from an enthusiastically appreciative audience. Aside from the many stars of jazz, some very well-known, others less so, it was great to see Nucleus saxophonist Phil Todd on stage with the BBC Jazz Awards band led by Guy Barker. Phil played some excellent baritone solos during the grand finale conducted by none other than BBC Jazz Awards Lifetime Achievement winner, the legendary Quincy Jones. Link to the BBC Jazz Awards 2006 web pages here

28 June 2006 - A review of the new Hux Records CD by Nucleus, 'Hemispheres' can be viewed here

22 June 2006 - 'Out of the Long Dark', the biography of Ian Carr by Alyn Shipton, was launched last night at London's Vortex Jazz Club (see photos above). A veritable galaxy of stars turned out for the occasion including Don Rendell, Michael Garrick, Tony Coe, Jeff Clyne, Geoff Castle, Dill Katz, John L Walters and Warren Greveson (from Zyklus), Cleveland Watkiss, Geoff Eales and many others.

3 June 2006 - NUCLEUS Hemispheres (HUXO78) is available to PRE-ORDER Now from Hux Records - Tracks are: 1. Cosa Nostra (4.28) 2. Elastic Rock (5.06) 3. Stonescape (1.37) 4. Single Line (1.04) 5. Twisted Track (5.30) 6. 1916 (6.02) 7. Persephone's Jive (1.15) Live in Europe, March 1970 8. Song For The Bearded Lady (7.12) 9. Tangent (7.46) 10. We'll Talk About It Later (5.12) 11. Snakehips Dream (9.10) 12. Hemisphere (6.13) - Live in Europe, February 1971 and the line-up is: Ian Carr - trumpet, Jeff Clyne - bass, Karl Jenkins - piano/sax/oboe, John Marshall - drums, Brian Smith - sax/flute, Chris Spedding - guitar. Release date 17.07.06

26 May 2006 - Ian Carr was presented with the Services to Jazz Award by Sir John Dankworth, at the prestigious Parliamentary Jazz Awards held on 11 May in the Terrace Pavillion at the House of Commons and which was organised by the All Party Parliamentary Jazz Appreciation Group. The APPJAG has over 103 members from the House of Commons and House of Lords across all political parties. Their aim is to encourage wider and deeper enjoyment of jazz among Parliamentarians, to increase Parliamentarians' understanding of the jazz music industry and their interest in issues affecting jazz and to promote jazz as a musical form and raise its profile inside and outside Parliament. The Group’s officers are Co-Chairs Michael Connarty MP and Lord Colwyn, and Secretary Bob Blizzard MP

24 May 2006 - A major new article on Ian Carr, by his biographer Alyn Shipton and illustrated with photographs, appears in the latest Jazzwise magazine (June 2006, issue 98). The article also reveals that Ian Carr is to be given the 'Services to Jazz' award at the forthcoming BBC Jazz Awards. There is also a glowing review of Alyn Shipton's biography of Ian Carr 'Out of the Long Dark' (published in June) in this issue of Jazzwise. This website sends its warm congratulations to Ian.

20 May 2006 - Ian Carr introduces a Jazz File series of six programmes on Miles Davis in the Miles Davis at 80 festival of programmes on BBC Radio 3 at 18.00 hours GMT. This is a repeat of the series originally broadcast in 2001

10 May 2006 - A three page feature on Ian Carr by Alyn Shipton will be appearing in the June issue of Jazzwise magazine. This will contain photographs and details of some of his major recordings. Jazzwise hits the newsstands towards the end of the May.

5 May 2006 - Hux Records are due to release a second CD of early Nucleus later this year. The CD will comprise recordings made at European concerts around 1970/71. More details will be announced when they are available.

21 April 2006 - Ian Carr celebrates his 73rd birthday today - Happy Birthday Ian!

10 April 2006 - Some excellent photos of a 1987 Nucleus gig at the Triangle Arts Centre, Birmingham, UK, have been discovered on this professional photographer's website here and the link to them is provided with his permission.

4 April 2006 - Just re-released from 1975, Mike Westbrook's 'Citadel/Room 315' - BGOCD713 on BGO Records - Digitally remastered, slip-cased and with new notes and archive photos from the original sessions and featuring the great John Surman.

16 March 2006 - April's edition of Record Collector (Issue 322, page 95; 'Value Added Fax') has a curious question about Ian Carr's Nucleus' 1973 album 'Labyrinth' concerning whether there was ever a UK issue of the album featuring the Vertigo 'swirl' logo or was it only issued in the UK with the 'Spaceship' logo.

3 March 2006 - A special limited edition CD of 'Elastic Rock' with cardboard gatefold sleeve and new sleevenotes written by ex-Melody Maker journalist Chris Welch has just been reissued by Repertoire (REPUK1076)

15 February 2006 - Alyn Shipton's long-awaited biography of Ian Carr 'Out of the Long Dark', will now be published by Equinox. The publication date is set for June this year but the publisher has already posted information about the book which is viewable here

8 February 2006 - Elton Dean (ex Soft Machine, Keith Tippett, etc) died on the evening of 7 February in London aged just 60. RIP Elton

1 February 2006 - Stan Tracey's 'Return of Captain Adventure' (TTTCDS 753) is now reissued as a double CD on Tentoten Records with several extra tracks and is very highly recommended. It's available direct from Tentoten. Also just reissued is Terry Smith's 'Fall Out' (Sunbeam Records SBRCD5008) which features Kenny Wheeler and Gordon Beck amongst others.

9 January 2006 - Mojo (February 2006) has classic Nucleus track 'Song for the Bearded Lady' in the number 5 position of its 'Mojo Playlist', one of the titles featured in the Vertigo label retrospective compilation set 'The Time Machine' (2005).

1 January 2006 - A review of the new book/CD - a paean to Ian Carr and his colleagues - "Elastic Jazz - Sketches of Britain" is here

Top British reissues of 2005:

Ardley, Carr, Gibbs & Tracey - Will Power (Vocalion)
Neil Ardley - Kaleidoscope of Rainbows (Dusk Fire)
Acker Bilk - Blue Acker (NOT Trad Jazz!)(Lake)
John Cameron - Off Centre (Vocalion)
Chitinous Ensemble - Chitinous (Vocalion)
Michael Garrick - October Woman (Vocalion)
Michael Garrick - Jazz Praises (Jazz Academy)
Michael Garrick - Black Marigolds (Vocalion)
Michael Garrick - The Heart is a Lotus (Vocalion)
Mike Gibbs - Just Ahead (BGO)
Keef Hartley Band - Overdog - (Eclectic)
Keef Hartley Band - The Time is Near (Eclectic)
Tubby Hayes - Mexican Green (Universal)
Tubby Hayes - 100% Proof (Universal)
Tubby Hayes - Tubbs Tours (Universal)
Tubby Hayes - Tubbs (Universal)
Tubby Hayes - Equation in Rhythm (Universal)
Henry Lowther - Child Song (Vocalion)
Don Rendell - Playtime (Vocalion)
Alan Skidmore - Once Upon a Time (Vocalion)
Mike Westbrook - Love Songs (Vocalion)

31 December 2005 - John Dankworth received a Knighthood in the New Year honours list. This is the first time a jazz musician has been honoured thus. Congratulations go to Sir John!

29 December 2005 - Derek Bailey, the great British guitar improviser and innovator, died on 25 December, aged 75. He was featured in Ian Carr's books 'Music Outside' and 'The Rough Guide to Jazz', where Carr wrote of him: "...his music is often alive with drama, intelligence and anarchic humour". There is an obituary by John Fordham and Richard Williams in today's Guardian which can be viewed here

21 December 2005 - A reader from Italy has kindly sent in a fabulous photo of Ian Carr appearing on the cover of the Italian magazine 'Pop Records' from an April 1975 issue - hard to believe that in many countries Nucleus were much vaunted (and may be still are) as 'pop stars'! Check it out here

10 December 2005 - Ian Carr has attended a couple of special birthday celebrations recently; one for Dave Brubeck (85) and the other for ex-Nucleus reedsman Tim Whitehead (55). We wish them both a happy birthday too!

14 November 2005 - 3hedz Promotions are making a documentary about the life of British jazz legend Ian Carr, various incarnations of Nucleus and the context of fusion music. They are asking for any material in any medium including archive footage in any format, photos, posters, text, letters, postcards, reviews, etc. The aim is to make a documentary on digital video at around 70-90 minutes. It is important that contributors know the origin of any material offered so that 3hedz can make the appropriate credits. Also, let them know of any stories, anecdotes or memories of Ian that would be worth recording and suggest others who might be important contributors to Ian's story. Contact Antonio at 3hedz here

6 November 2005 - Jazz Uk Issue 66 (November/December 2005) contains a great review by John Fordham of the Nucleus gig at Cargo, London on August 31.

29 October 2005 - 'Will Power' - A Shakespeare Birthday Celebration in Music by Neil Ardley, Ian Carr, Mike Gibbs and Stan Tracey is now re-released on CD for the first time on the Vocalion label (2CDSML 8412) and also re-issued for the first time on CD is Michael Garrick's 'October Woman'. These CDs are available now from Dutton Direct here and should be available in the shops soon.

10 October 2005 - An excellent review of the Nucleus gig at Cargo in August appears in this month's Jazzwise (October, issue 91) complete with a large photo of Chris Batchelor and Phil Todd

7 October 2005 - This month sees the reissue of two important albums released for the first time on CD. The first is Lake Records 'Blue Acker' in which Ian plays as a member of the Stan Tracey Big Brass which accompanies Acker and which includes a stellar line-up of names such as Kenny Wheeler and Stan himself. This is available now from Lake Records. The second is the long lost 'Will Power', a collaborative project between Ian Carr, Neil Ardley, Mike Gibbs and Stan Tracey, originally on the Argo label and now reissued by Vocalion. It features Ian's composition 'Heyday'. This should be released around the 25 October. Also, although Ian is not featured on it but bound to be of interest, is 'October Woman' by Michael Garrick which features Shake Keane and Joe Harriott, which is being reissued by Vocalion at the same time as 'Will Power'

28 September 2005 - Michael Garrick's 'Jazz Praises at St Paul's' featuring Ian Carr and John Marshall has just been reissued on the Jazz Academy label (JAZA 11)

8 September 2005 - More stunning photos taken by Ian Willis-Bentley of the Nucleus Cargo gig are now available to view here

6 September 2005 - Two more excellent reviews of the Nucleus gig, the first is by leading jazz journalist and author John Fordham in The Guardian and the second appears in Universal Music's iJazz News

5 September 2005 - Some photos of the Nucleus Cargo gig are now available to view here

2 September 2005 - A review of the Nucleus gig is now available here

22 August 2005 - It is now officially confirmed by 3hedz, promoters of the gig, that Chris Batchelor will be the special guest trumpet player at the Nucleus gig at Cargo on 31 August 2005.

8 August 2005 - A few CDs just released that might well be of interest to British jazz rock fans. Keef Hartley Band has two reissues of albums from over thirty years ago: 'Overdog' and 'The Time is Near' on the Eclectic Records label and two albums of BBC sessions by Soft Machine have been recently released on the Hux Records label of which the latest 'Softstage', from a 1972 BBC Radio 'In Concert' session features ex-Nucleus members Karl Jenkins and John Marshall, the earlier one is 'Soft Machine and Heavy Friends In Concert 1971' which features Ronnie Scott playing with Soft Machine

26 July 2005 - Ian Carr's long time colleague in the United Jazz and Rock Ensemble, the great jazz trombonist Albert Mangelsdorff died yesterday (25th July) aged 76. He had been ill for some time. Today, Ian, together with several other of his musical friends (Michael Garrick, John Marshall, Jon Hiseman, Barbara Thompson and Norma Winstone) attended a memorial concert for the late, great, jazz composer Neil Ardley, held at St Paul's Church in London's Covent Garden. The event was well-attended by friends, relatives and fans alike.

11 July 2005 - Michael Garrick's Jazz Praises is to be reissued on the Jazz Academy label at the end of July. It features, amongst others, Ian Carr and John Marshall

4 July 2005 - Nucleus are to play Cargo in August! Ian Carr & Nucleus are to play one ninety minute set. The band line up is: Ian Carr - trumpet, Mark Wood - guitar, Geoff Castle - keyboards, Rob Statham - bass, Nic France - drums, Phil Todd - saxes, plus special guest tba. The DJs are : Richard E (Further Out Recordings), Nigel Prankster (3HEDZ & Milkaudio), Matz (3HEDZ & Samurai FM). DJs finish up at 1am. The 3HEDZ press release states: 3HEDZ & Further Out Recordings in conjunction with Cargo present Ian Carr and Nucleus Live at Cargo, London. One of the greats of the British Jazz Scene - Wednesday 31 August 2005: 8pm - 1am. Price £12 Cons £10 Guests £8. Band playing two one hour sets featuring special guest. Cargo 83 Rivington Street Shoreditch London EC2A 3AY Tel: 020 7613 7743 020 7613 7743 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting Fax: 020 7613 7740 Tube: Old Street / Liverpool Street Buses: 35 / 55

20 June 2005 - Vocalion has now reissued Mike Westbrook's 'Love Songs' which is the first time this album has been reissued on CD in the UK. It differs from other recent Vocalion reissues in that it features two bonus tracks (the single versions of 'Original Peter' and 'Magic Garden'), amended artwork at the request of Mike Westbrook and new liner notes - the original LP had no sleeve notes. Also, the album has been meticulously remastered by Mike Dutton and is now, in the opinion of this web site, a minor masterpiece. It also features Nucleus' Chris Spedding on electric guitar. Very highly recommended

1 June 2005 - Vocalion has now reissued for the first time on CD several 'lost' Argo and Deram albums including Michael Garrick's 'The Heart is a Lotus' and 'Black Marigolds' (both of which feature an augmented line-up of the Rendell Carr Quintet), plus Chitinous Ensemble's album 'Chitinous' featuring Ian Carr. The albums are all excellently re-mastered by Mike Dutton and accompanied by original and new sleevenotes. Also now released for the first time on CD is the excellent Don Rendell album from 1958, 'Playtime'

23 May 2005 - The DVD of the documentary on Keith Jarrett shown on Channel Four last year and for which Ian Carr was consultant, has now been released and a review of it can be viewed here

16 May 2005 - News of new and upcoming CD releases: John Surman’s recorded jam session now entitled ‘Way Back When’ (Cuneiform Rune 200) is an important documentation of the jazz rock scene of 1969 and has been issued officially for the first time with all but one track in stereo. Notably it features Nucleus drummer John Marshall and was recorded prior to both Nucleus and the incarnation of Soft Machine that John would later be a fundamental part of. There is an eerily similar feel to Soft Machine (from Soft Machine 5 – Soft Machine 6). The CD also features John Taylor, Brian Odgers and Mike Osborne and is was released earlier thsi month. Ian Carr’s friend Mike Gibbs will at last have his first CD reissue of ‘Just Ahead’ the great live album from 1972 which again features John Marshall plus many others including ex-Nucleus members Chris Spedding, Dave Macrae and Roy Babbington. It is due for release at the end of June on BGO (BGOCD679).

20 April 2005 - Big reissue news about some major British albums 'lost' for many years. Mike Dutton's Vocalion label is releasing for the first time on CD Michael Garrick's 'The Heart is a Lotus' and 'Black Marigolds' (both of which feature an augmented line-up of the Rendell Carr Quintet), plus other great albums from this era including Henry Lowther's 'Child Song', John Cameron's 'Off Centre' and Alan Skidmore's 'Once Upon a Time'. Also scheduled for reissue around this time (May 22) is Don Rendell's classic album 'Playtime' which also features Ronnie Ross. This is a major event for British modern jazz fans, some of whom have been waiting for over 35 years for these reissues!

16 April 2005 - It is gratifying to note that Colin Barnes has had a lengthy letter published in April's Jazz Review castigating that journal for its highly critical review of the Rendell Carr Quintet reissues.

16 April 2005 - Vertigo Mixed...by Andy Votel - This new compilation CD, which includes snippets of tracks by Ian Carr and Nucleus, has just been reviewed for this web site and can be viewed here

12 April 2005 - Michael Garrick Trio plays at Hinde Street Church (close to Marylebone High Street and Bond Street Station, London W1) on Monday 6 June, 7.30pm. Admission £7. Profits from the concert will be donated to the West London Day Centre (part of the West London Mission's work for homeless people)

4 April 2005 - An major exhibition of art by Miles Davis is at The Gallery, 28 Cork Street, London W1, from April 4-9 (Telephone 020-7437 2812 020-7437 2812 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting), some of which was produced in collaboaration with Jo Gelbard

22 March 2005 - An important four page article on British jazz legend Mike Taylor is featured in the April 2005 issue of Record Collector (Issue 309). Written by Steve Ingless it includes rare photos of this much unsung genius. Ian Carr played trumpet on several compositions by Mike Taylor, with Neil Ardley's New Jazz Orchestra and on the rare 'Mike Taylor Remembered' session.

22 March 2005 - Universal are releasing a 3-CD compilation of the Vertigo label entitled 'Time Machine - A Vertigo Retrospective' on 11 April. It features 41 tracks by Nucleus, Colosseum, Gentle Giant, Manfred Mann's Chapter Three to name but a few. The two tracks by Nucleus featured in this collection are 'Torrid Zone' and 'Song for the Bearded Lady'

15 March 2005 - It seems likely that the next batch of 'Impressed Re-Pressed' albums will be released around late Spring of this year. One album almost certain to be included will be 'Hum Dono' by the electric guitarist, the late Amancio d'Silva, with whom, Ian Carr recorded. There is now an Amancio d'Silva web site.

1 March 2005 - Kaleidoscope Of Rainbows (1976) completed a trilogy of albums and was composed between 1973 and 1975 as a seven-part work for jazz orchestra and performed by an augmented version of Ian Carr's band Nucleus. This seminal album by the late Neil Ardley, has just been reissued on the Dusk Fire label and should be widely available.

10 February 2005 - Conversations in British Jazz - This excellent new book, which includes interviews with Ian Carr, Don Rendell and Michael Garrick, has just been reviewed for this web site and can be viewed here

9 February 2005 - A superb 'letter of the month' appears in February's Jazzwise magazine in which a letter entitled 'Beautiful trumpet playing' praises the Rendell-Carr Quintet and Nucleus reissues on BGO and specifically praises Ian Carr very highly. Sentiments this web site totally endorses.

6 February 2005 - A new album by Don Rendell of previously unissued BBC recordings from 1980 and 1982 has just been released on Spotlite Records. Featuring such notable musicians as Trevor Tomkins, Alan Wakeman and Peter Saberton, this is an excellent package of original music from one of the UK's greatest jazz artists. 'Touch Links of Gold' (Spotlite SPJ574-CD) by the Don Rendell Four/Five is available from all good record shops or direct from Spotlite Jazz on (0)1279 834175 (0)1279 834175 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting - Highly recommended.

3 February 2005 - Blind Jukebox with Ian Carr - This interview from 1995 with Tom Callaghan, has just been passed to the UICNWS by its author. A fascinating interview wherein Tom Callaghan plays Ian several recordings and asks him to guess who they are by and for his opinion of them

25 January 2005 - Love You Madly - A musical salute to Duke Ellington, featuring performances from Stan Tracey Big Brass, Joe Harriott, Don Rendell, Ian Carr, Tony Coe, Acker Bilk, Cleo Laine, John Dankworth Band, Directions in Jazz Unit, Kenny Grahame and Afro-Percussion. Part of BBC FOUR's Jazz Britannia season. Fri 28 Jan, 23:00-23:40, 40mins, Stereo, Widescreen

13 January 2005 - The three part BBC 4 television programme 'Jazz Britannia' - scheduled for 28 January, is now detailed on the BBC web site here where Ian Carr is name checked in a "Test your British Jazz Knowledge" quiz!

12 January 2005 - Ian Carr's seminal book on contemporary jazz in Britain, 'Music Outside', now out of print for around 30 years, reached an even higher second-hand price on Amazon's web site of a staggering £216.94 - it cost £3 new in 1973 (previous copies had been advertised for a mere £180 odd pounds)!

1 January 2005 - Karl Jenkins, Nucleus co-founder member, has been awarded an OBE in the New Year's honours list, for services to music. In the same list, Dave Gelly, writer, musician and former New Jazz Orchestra member was awarded an MBE for services to jazz

20 December 2004 - Dick Heckstall-Smith, a former band member of the New Jazz Orchestra alongside Ian Carr, and stalwart of jazz-rockers Colosseum and the Graham Bond Organization died on 17 December 2004. He was 70 and had been ill for some time.

19 December 2004 - A glowing review by Chris May of the BGO reissue of the RCQ's final album 'Change-Is' can be viewed on the All About Jazz web site here and a similarly enthusiastic review (by the same author) of 'Greek Variations' can be viewed here

13 December 2004 - Two years in the making, the Mike Dibb documentary on the life of Keith Jarrett in which Ian Carr collaborated (as with Dibb's previous documentary on the life of Miles Davis), 'Keith Jarrett And The Art Of Improvisation' will be shown on Channel 4 on Monday 20th December at 7.30pm

4 December 2004 - This just in from the Barbican Centre, London: JAZZ BRITANNIA - Sat 12 Feb 2005 - Gilles Peterson -Two days of fast and furious live events – also filmed for BBC4 – will reflect and respond to the series. Expect many of the great figures in British jazz to perform across a weekend that delves into the great music of past and present years and takes a leap into the future. On Saturday, Gilles Peterson hosts a live realisation of Impressed, his hugely successful CD compilation of key tracks in celebration of a progressive and massively influential 60s school of British jazz soloists and composers who rewrote the jazz rule book. No longer content with simply copying American role models, this is a generation that took jazz into new territory and created a distinctively English sound. Impressed/remixed includes a specially assembled big band and small group performances that not only evoke past glories, but also mark the continuing originality of the key players. The line up features the technical sorcery of Matthew Herbert and visuals team Yeast, key figures such as Harry Beckett, Michael Garrick, Stan Tracey, Bobby Wellins, Norma Winstone and compositions from many of the above plus Neil Ardley and the legendary Mike Taylor + freestage performances, talks and films. Jazz Britannia

1 December 2004 - The BGP CD reissue of Don Rendell's seminal album Roarin' from 1961 (with Graham Bond on alto) went on sale on Monday. The BGO Rendell-Carr Quintet CDs feature promimently in the reissues of the year section of this month's edition of Jazzwise (Dec/Jan, Issue82) as does Michael Garrick's 'Troppo' reissue.

17 November 2004 - At long last, a CD reissue for Don Rendell's classic album from 1961, Roarin', which features Graham Bond on alto and is very highly recommended - it is almost certainly Don's best pre-Rendell-Carr Quintet album and one of the truly great albums of that decade - out on 29 November on Beat Goes Public CDBGPM166

2 November 2004 - The Nucleus gig at Cargo on 8 December will not be going ahead - it is hoped this will be re-scheduled!

20 October 2004 - A major article on Ian Carr and Nucleus ('Ian Carr and Nucleus: '70s British Jazz Rock Progenitors') by John Kelman was published yesterday on the All About Jazz web site and the article can be found here

19 October 2004 - November's Mojo (number 132) has a two page article on modern British jazz which includes a brief review of the Rendell Carr Quintet album 'Change-Is'.

11 October 2004 - Click here for a link to a Beat Instrumental article on Ian Carr from November 1972 which has just been added to the 'Images' section of the web site.

5 October 2004 - Images of the major feature on Ian Carr by Claudio Bonomi from the Italian newspaper, Il Manifesto, (18 September 2004) can be viewed in the 'Images' section here

28 September 2004 - The recently reissued album 'Greek Variations', by Neil Ardley, Ian Carr and Don Rendell receives a glowing four star review in October's issue of Jazzwise magazine (issue 80). It's widely available on Universal's Impressed Re-Pressed label, as is Amancio D'Silva's 'Integration' featuring Ian Carr which is also favourably reviewed in this issue of Jazzwise, plus there's a feature on John Marshall's 'Turning Point' album (which was 'Mingus Ah Um').

16 September 2004 - Nearly a page of information is devoted to Ian Carr in the new, 2nd edition of John Chilton's excellent "Who's Who of British Jazz" (Continuum, 2004: ISBN 0-8264-7234-6).

7 September 2004 - There is an new report on the old Melody Maker Jazz Polls (British Section) with a focus on the late, great Tubby Hayes, however, some of the years in this version are quoted in FULL, which may be of use to some scholars of British modern jazz, including followers of Ian Carr and Nucleus. Check it out here

25 August 2004 - It is hoped that Nucleus will be playing at Cargo in London on 8th December 2004 - Cargo, Kingsland Viaduct, 83 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3AY - Tel: 020 7739 3440 020 7739 3440 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting (Old Street and Liverpool Street Tube / Train stations are 5 - 10 minutes walk from the venue). The Cargo Web Site is here

16 August 2004 - Almost a whole page is devoted to reviews of seven Nucleus albums in this month's Jazz Review (August 2004, Issue 59). The British jazz web site Jazzscript is now selling Japanese imported British jazz albums including Michael Garrick's long lost masterpiece 'Promises' featuring, amongst others, Ian Carr. Gilles Peterson's 'Impressed 2' is now available everywhere and includes some excellent tracks from ultra rare (ie, not yet re-issued on CD) albums including the title track from the late Neil Ardley's New Jazz Orchestra album 'Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe - which includes solos by Ian Carr and Dick Heckstall-Smith.

15 July 2004 - The guitarist Amancio D'Silva's album from 1969 'Integration' has been re-issued this week on Universal's 'Impressed Re-Pressed' label (Catalogue No. 9866893). A stunningly good record, it features Ian Carr who co-wrote some of the tracks and wrote the sleevenotes. It also features Don Rendell, Trevor Tomkins and Dave Green.

13 July 2004 - There is a major feature on the Rendell Carr Quintet by Duncan Heining in the July / August 2004 issue of Jazz UK (Issue 58) and this is also available online here from the Jazz Services web site.

29 June 2004 - Jazzwise (July) has excellent reviews of both 'Alleycat'/'Direct Hits' and the Rendell Carr Quintet classic 'Change-Is'.

21 June 2004 - The first four albums in Universal's long awaited 'Impressed Re-Pressed' series have been released today. 'Greek Variations' a joint work with contributions by Neil Ardley, Ian Carr and Don Rendell is joined by Mike Westbrook's 'Celebration', Michael Garrick's 'Troppo' and Mike Taylor's 'Trio'. 'Greek Variations' has a prototype Nucleus playing three Ian Carr pieces and is highly recommended. Also, released today is Gilles Peterson's 'Impressed 2' which features tracks by, amongst others, Stan Tracey, Michael Garrick, Tubby Hayes, Mike Westbrook and Harold McNair. Amancio D'Silva's 'Integration' (featuring Ian Carr) album scheduled for release today has been put back for two weeks.

15 June 2004 - Record Collector (July) contains a three star review of the latest BGO Nucleus reissue of 'Alleycat'/'Direct Hits'.

4 June 2004 - Ian Carr will be guest celebrity interviewee at the National Jazz Archive's Open Day tomorrow (Saturday 5 June). He will be interviewed by saxophonist Martin Hathaway. They will then play some live music, joined by a rhythm section from the Guildhall School of Music. It should be stressed that this event is SOLD OUT!

28 May 2004 - Jazzwise (June 2004, issue 76) features a page on the music that most influenced Ian Carr, plus interviews with Michael Garrick, Don Rendell and Gilles Peterson and also a review of the first four Rendell Carr Quintet albums reissued this year on BGO (which all receive a four star rating!). The Third Edition of the Rough Guide to Jazz (co-edited by Ian Carr) has just been published and is now available from all good bookshops.

25 May 2004 - The forthcoming Gilles Peterson follow-up album 'Impressed 2' (UCJ 9820142) is released by Universal on 21st June. It features tracks by Stan Tracey, Michael Garrick, Neil Ardley, Amancio D'Silva and Harold McNair, amongst others. Also this year, Universal intends to start a programme of reissues of long lost British modern jazz albums which will include the Neil Ardley, Ian Carr and Don Rendell album 'Greek Variations' with an incipient version of Nucleus in the line-up

8 May 2004 - Important news for fans of Ian Carr, Don Rendell and Nucleus! - BBC TV is producing a major three part documentary series on the history of British Jazz from 1945 to the present day. All the above (and related) artists can be expected to feature prominently. It is anticipated that it will be broadcast around the end of January/February 2005

4 May 2004 - 'Alleycat' is now re-released on BGO (BGOCD565) paired with 'Direct Hits' (the excellent Best of Nucleus album). The Rendell-Carr Quintet album 'Change-Is' has also now been reissued on BGO (BGOCD613)

19 April 2004 - Ian Carr's Honda Jazz has been found by the police in Camden car pound having sustained relatively little damage after it was stolen last Wednesday night. Ian was understandably very elated with this news.

16 April 2004 - Ian Carr's cherished car - A black Honda Jazz, was stolen near Ronnie Scott's Club on Wednesday 14th April, when Ian was attending the Charlie Watts' Tentet gig.

16 April 2004 - This month's Record Collector (May, issue 297) features a fifteen page Prog Rock Special which includes a very amusing double page full colour 'Prog Planetary System' which includes the 'planet' Nucleus along with Soft Machine, Colosseum, Caravan, Yes, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, etc, etc. There is also a very short obituary for Neil Ardley in this issue of Record Collector.

12 April 2004 - Exactly 35 years ago the Rendell Carr Quintet were voted top small group, Ian Carr was voted top trumpet player and Phase III was voted third top album of the year in the British Section of the Melody Maker Jazz Poll (Melody Maker, 1 March 1969)

10 April 2004 - There's an evening for Bill Eyden (who played drums with Tubbs amongst others). This features an all star line-up including The Tony Kinsey Big Band, Don Rendell, Trevor Tomkins, Dave Green, Gilad Atzmon, Allan Ganley, Jimmy Hastings, Don Weller, Bruce Adams, Alan Barnes, Peter King, John Horler, Don Lusher, Bobby Orr, Derek Wadsworth, Ray Warleigh.....it's at the 100 Club, 100 Oxford Street, London,W1 on Wednesday 14th April - 7.30-11.45 (doors open 7.00) Admission £10

8 April 2004 - The Rendell Carr Quintet albums just re-released on BGO Records are now selling phenomenally well in Japan (in multiples of thousands!) and are reported to be selling well in the UK too. The 'Phase III' and 'Live' double CD set is now on sale as well as 'Shades of Blue' and 'Dusk Fire' These albums are available on BGO Records and are being sold as two for one double CD packages. They can be ordered from all the usual suppliers and also direct from BGO Records .

15 March 2004 - The Rendell Carr Quintet albums 'Shades of Blue' and 'Dusk Fire' have now been released on BGO Records (Catalogue number BGOCD615) and are being sold as a two for one double CD package and can be ordered now from all the usual suppliers and also direct from BGO Records. 'Phase III' and 'Live' should be released next month

8 March 2004 - 'Alleycat' is at last scheduled for a May reissue on BGO Records. This will now be paired with 'Direct Hits' (the excellent Best of Nucleus album). The first two reissues of the Rendell-Carr Quintet albums should be released on 15 March

8 March 2004 - Ian Carr's album 'Sounds and Sweet Airs' (recorded in Southwark Cathedral with John Taylor on organ) is still available to purchase from: Discord Distribution in the UK or from Celestial Harmonies in the USA.

27 February 2004 - Neil Ardley, the great British jazz composer of such works as 'Kaleidoscope of Rainbows', (which featured Ian Carr and Nucleus), 'Greek Variations', 'A Symphony of Amaranths' and 'The Harmony of the Spheres', died on Monday 23 February, aged 66. He founded the New Jazz Orchestra in the 1960s which included in its personnel, Ian Carr, Barbara Thompson and Jon Hiseman, and the NJO's album 'Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe' (1968) is a work of collective genius. His compositions were eloquent and beautiful and totally unique and featured musicians from a diverse range of backgrounds which included John Martyn, Ivor Cutler, Stan Tracey and Norma Winstone to name but a few. He will be greatly missed.

Obituaries from the British national press appeared in The Independent , The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph. An obituary also appeared in The Times, 1 April 2004.

27 February 2004 - A unique video of the United Jazz and Rock Ensemble: In Concert (Filmed live at the Stuttgart Jazz Festival 1986) is still available to purchase from Synergie Logistics, 5 Pilot Trading Estate, West Wycombe Road, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP12 3AB, UK - telephone 01494 450606 01494 450606 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting or from Germany from Norbert Ruecker. Its an excellent video, allegedly 58 minutes, but seems shorter than that, and features a large ensemble of the UJRE which includes Ian Carr, Barbara Thompson, Jon Hiseman, Kenny Wheeler, Charlie Mariano, Eberhard Weber, Wolfgang Dauner, Albert Mangelsdorff, Christopher Lauer, Dave King and the late, great Volker Kriegel and others! The video catalogue number is MMGV 074.

20 February 2004 - Former Nucleus guitarist Ray Russell has just had his funky jazz-rock album 'Ready or Not' re-released on CD for the first time on the Angel Air label (SJPCD155). It also features sometime Ian Carr and Nucleus musicians, Mo Foster, Tim Whitehead and Tony Roberts, amongst others.

19 February 2004 - Ian Carr and Nucleus get a name check in this month's Mojo magazine; in the Memorabilia and Rarities section, this month focusing on British jazz vinyl, Neil Ardley's 'Kaleidoscope of Rainbows' is featured. Ian Carr and Nucleus provided the main core of musicians for this highly acclaimed Ardley work.

21 January 2004 - At last - biggest news of the year, so far - BGO finally is commencing its re-issuing programme of the Rendell Carr Quintet albums originally released on EMI's Columbia label some 40 years ago. These long-lost albums have never before been re-issued in any format. The first re-issue is a double CD pairing of 'Shades of Blue' and 'Dusk Fire' - these should be available for purchase in about two weeks but orders can be placed now on BGO's web site. The three other Rendell Carr Quintet albums will be released over the next few months. Well done BGO! For full details click here

14 January 2004 - This month's Jazz Review (January 2004, Issue 52) has a review of the Rendell/Carr Quintet album 'Live in London' (Harkit HRKCD8045) which is described as 'top playing from a first-class band'. Reviewer Rick Finlay eulogises thus: 'Carr is equally impressive here, bringing a plethora of crisp, imaginative lines to these bustling charts'. The CD also is included in the five CDs selected in the section headed 'The Editor's Choice'.

1 January 2004 - Nucleus will be reforming in 2004! The line-up, it is hoped, will include Ian Carr plus John Marshall on drums, Geoff Castle on keyboards, Phil Todd on saxes, Mark Wood on guitar and Davide Mantovani on bass. It is hoped that the band will play several gigs this year but the itinerary has yet to be decided.

Formerly a "Little known fact":

The only currently [as at 2004] available tracks by the legendary Rendell/Carr Quintet from their EMI Lansdowne series of five recordings currently available on CD are to be found on two Gilles Peterson CDs - 'Worldwide' a 2-CD set on Mercury Records, Catalogue number: 560 100-2 which was released in 2000 contains a track entitled 'Blue Mosque' (by Colin Purbrook) from (I think, although it doesn't state this) the first Rendell/Carr Quintet album 'Shades of Blue' (1965). The newly released Gilles Peterson CD 'Impressed' [Universal Catalogue number 0647492, released 27 January 2003 in the UK] features no less than two Rendell-Carr Quintet tracks (quite lengthy ones too) - 'Black Marigolds' and 'Dusk Fire' both by Michael Garrick (there are also tracks by Harry Beckett, Graham Collier, Michael Garrick, Tubby Hayes, Amancio d'Silva + Joe Harriott and Ronnie Ross. There is a Rendell/Carr Quintet live CD entitled 'Live From Antibes Jazz Festival:

There is a Rendell/Carr Quintet live CD entitled 'Live From Antibes Jazz Festival: 1964-1968' on Spotlite Jazz, Catalogue number: SPJ CD-566 (as shown above) and also a CD entitled 'Reunion' by Don Rendell, which features Ian Carr and Michael Garrick (on different sessions) on Spotlite Jazz, Catalogue number SPJ CD-571 which was released in 2002 [this item was removed from the Home Page of this web site because of the re-issue of the 5 Rendell-Carr Quintet albums by BGO Records in 2004]

17 December 2003 - It has recently come to the attention of this web site that the Ian Carr's Nucleus CD 'Awakening' / 'Live at the Theaterhaus' (originally released on two separate vinyl albums by Mood Records and on CD as a truncated version on the Bell Records label (BLR 83 752) is still available to purchase. The editor of the UICNWS managed to obtain this rare CD from the German online record store MusicPeople for 19.01 EUR including p+p to the UK. A bargain at any price because this rare album is not currently obtainable in the UK.

14 December 2003 - Ian Carr has just confirmed to this web site's editor that he intends to get Nucleus back on the road in 2004 which is great news for all Nucleus fans! Nucleus will, it is hoped, tour the UK and possibly further afield. Other members of Nucleus were said to be 'very enthusiastic' at the prospect of a reunited Nucleus. Ian Carr hopes, in addition to reviving older Nucleus numbers, to introduce some new material too.

6 December 2003 - In the December/January edition of Jazzwise Magazine (Issue 71), the Nucleus double album 'Labyrinth'/'Roots' made the top ten Jazzwise albums of the Year (reissues) at number 9. Also, in this edition of Jazzwise, the Nucleus album 'Snakehips Etcetera' was featured as an example of album cover art that is best left forgotten (for its distinct lack of political correctness!) in the 'Art failure' section. Checkout Jazzwise Magazine

1 December 2003 - An important new biography about the late, great Joe Harriott was published last month. 'Fire in his Soul', by Alan Robertson is published by Northway Publications at £11.99 and mentions Ian Carr several times including a mention of Ian's seminal book 'Music Outside'. This excellent book can be ordered online from (amongst other sources) Jazzscript

26 November 2003 - Michael Garrick will be featured on BBC Radio 3's 'Jazz Legends' with Julian Joseph, to be broadcast on Friday 28 November 2003 between 4pm and 5pm (UK time) where Julian will play a selection of Michael's works. BBC Radio 3 90-93FM - Jazz Legends Web Page

21 November 2003 - John L Walters' column 'On the Edge' in today's 'Guardian' has a great review of Nucleus' 'The Pretty Redhead' album.

19 November 2003 - Sometime Ian Carr and Nucleus musicians Mo Foster and Ray Russell have had their 1985 RMS album 'Centennial Park' (SJPCD 148) re-issued on CD courtesy of Angel Air Records - released on 3 November 2003 this album also features drummer Simon Phillips along with some assistance from some well-known names in contemporary jazz. Ray Russell has a forthcoming album out on 16 February 2004 (again on the Angel Air label) - a reissue of his 1977 album 'Ready or Not' (SJPCD 155) which features amongst others, Mo Foster on bass plus Tony Roberts and Tim Whitehead on saxes.

27 October 2003 - The reissue of 'In Flagrante Delicto' is now available to purchase on the BGO label. For more details see the BGO web site

7 October 2003 - Ian Carr is a jazz legend - official! Ian Carr will be featured on BBC Radio 3's 'Jazz Legends' with Julian Joseph, to be broadcast on Friday 24 October 2003 between 4pm and 5pm (UK time) where Julian will play a selection of Ian's works from the Rendell Carr Quintet, Nucleus and the United Jazz and Rock Ensemble. BBC Radio 3, 90-93FM - Jazz Legends Web Page

2 October 2003 - An updated Rendell Carr Quintet discography is now available (see Labyrinth Links, below)

29 September 2003 - The latest issue of Jazzwise Magazine (October) contains no less than three excellent reviews of Ian Carr recordings: BGO re-issues 'Out of the Long Dark' / 'Old Heartland'; 'Under the Sun' / 'Snakehips Etcetera' plus the Rendell Carr Quintet 'Live in London' on Harkit Records.

25 September 2003 - BGO Records will be releasing 'In Flagrante Delicto' (Catalogue number: BGO CD599) as a single album shortly. Originally intended to be paired with 'Alleycat' this project had to be abandoned for insurmountable contractual reasons as the two albums are owned by different record companies. Hopefully, BGO should be releasing 'Alleycat' as a single album too in due course. For more details see the BGO web site

24 September 2003 - Michael Garrick's long deleted album 'Promises' recorded in May 1965 (Argo ZDA 36) is being re-issued on 26 September by Universal in Japan as a limited edition CD. It features Garrick on piano plus Ian Carr on trumpet and flugelhorn, Joe Harriott on alto, Tony Coe on tenor sax and clarinet, Coleridge Goode and Dave Green on bass and Colin Barnes on drums. This is a collector's item if ever there was one! Click here to check out the details

15 September 2003 - The prog-rock fan site Sea of Tranquility has posted some new and very complimentary reviews of four CD releases (including the latest three double CDs from BGO) and these can be found here: Under the Sun/Snakeships Etcetera ; Live in Bremen ; Labyrinth/Roots ; Solar Plexus/Belladonna

10 September 2003 - Recent poring through the back issues of the Melody Maker for the year 1975 in the British Library accidently uncovered a great review of 'Snakehips Etcetera' by Chris Welch in which he describes it thus: "pounding excitement and tight arrangements make this latest Nucleus sortie an attractive proposition for the best selling racks" [Melody Maker, 17 May, 1975, page 46]

29 August 2003 - Selected highlights of the British Section of the Melody Maker Jazz Polls from 1965-1974 are here - Ian Carr won top trumpet section for three consecutive years and his groups the Rendell Carr Quintet and Nucleus each came top of the small group section for three years running in two different decades!

27 August 2003 - Three Nucleus CD reviews have been spotted recently; two of 'Live in Bremen' in Jazzman (France) and Downbeat (USA), both dated September 2003 and both coincidentally award the album three stars. The third review is in Jazz Journal International (UK), again dated September 2003, and covers two BGO double albums, 'Solar Plexus' / 'Belladonna' and 'Labyrinth' / 'Roots'.

8 August 2003 - Harkit Records released a CD of previously unreleased material featuring the Rendell Carr Quintet from November 1965 in their 'Live in London' series on 4 August - a review of this recording is here

4 August 2003 - The Complete Ian Carr's Nucleus Discography now includes a 'Nucleus as guest artists' section at the end of the discography, where full details of Neil Ardley's 'Kaleidoscope of Rainbows' - which features Ian Carr and Nucleus is listed - see link to 'Labyrinth' page, below

1 August 2003 - It has come to the attention of this web site that four of the best albums by one of the founders of modern British jazz John Dankworth are available to purchase on CD either individually or as a boxed set. The albums are 'What the Dickens', 'Zodiac Variations', 'Million Dollar Collection' and 'Lifeline' and Ian Carr and Nucleus guest stars Kenny Wheeler and Tony Coe play on two or more of them. The set is only £31.99 inc P+P in the UK and they are not available in record shops. Telephone Quartermart (from UK): 01908 583151 01908 583151 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting and there are also other, newer albums available, with ones by Cleo Laine too.

28 July 2003 - A link to the new Ray Russell web site is available via the Labyrinth links section, below

22 July 2003 - Harkit Records now expects the eagerly awaited 'Rendell Carr Quintet Live in London' [which comprises around 70 minutes worth of previously unreleased music recorded by jazz journalist Les Tomkins] to be released around the end of July. Harkit said that this release date was brought forward by several months because of heavy demand. The sleeve notes are by Michael Garrick and there is an extract from the first track (Miles' 'Blues by Five') on the Harkit Records web site.

22 July 2003 - Ian Carr and Nucleus get a name check in the latest edition of Jazz UK (July/August 2003, Issue 52, page 17) in part five of the series 'A Short History of Jazz in the UK' which covers the '70s and '80s

21 July 2003 - Some great news. Finally, Jazzprint have released the long awaited Harry Beckett re-issue from 1970, 'Flare Up' (JPVP 124CD). This is a superb album by one of the 'stars' of Ian Carr's masterpiece, 'Solar Plexus' and features, amongst others, John Surman, Alan Skidmore and Mike Osborne. Five stars plus.

24 June 2003 - An enthusiastic review of 'The Pretty Redhead' on the BBC's interactive web site can be found here

24 June 2003 - A link to the official United Jazz and Rock Ensemble web site is now available from this site (click on the 'Labyrinth' links section below) where there is a short tribute to the late Volker Kriegel.

17 June 2003 - The UICNWS is very sad to report that Ian Carr's long time colleague in the United Jazz and Rock Ensemble, Volker Kriegel, has died, aged 59. He will be very much missed by all who knew him and heard his superb guitar playing.

11 June 2003 - 'The Wire' magazine (Issue 232 June 2003) features a long and excellent critique of Soft Machine and related bands / musicians including Keith Tippett and Nucleus. The article says of the second Nucleus album, 'We'll talk about it later', that it '...consolidates the group's pole position in jazz-rock. Nucleus's approach to fusion is cooler than Soft Machine's, and their more sophisticated arrangements are directed toward ensemble unity. At this stage, that ambition doesn't inhibit their ability to rock...but it's Carr's clarion brass that directs Nucleus's forward momentum...'There is also a review in this issue of 'The Wire' of the double live album released by Cuneiform Records this year of Nucleus 'Live in Bremen'.

7 June 2003 - The long-awaited BGO re-issue of 'Under the Sun/Snakehips Etcetera' is now available - direct from BGO Records via its web site and will soon be available in record shops too.

3 June 2003 - A new link to Connect to Soft Machine - an unofficial Soft Machine site is available via the 'Labyrinth Links' page; Click here to go to the links page

29 May 2003 - Jazzwise June 2003 has a great review of 'The Pretty Redhead' and a comprehensive feature on Michael Garrick.

29 May 2003 - Check out the latest quote about 'Music Outside' here

23 May 2003 - A review of Solar Apple Quarktette's 'Kali Yuga' single featuring Ian Carr is here

20 May 2003 - The film soundtrack and jazz specialist label Harkit is due to be releasing from its new 'Live in London' series the Rendell Carr Quintet live at The Highwayman, Surrey. Recorded November 1965. The Quintet line-up includes Michael Garrick, Dave Green and Trevor Tomkins. This (approx) 74 minutes CD should be available around June 2003 with sleeve notes by Michael Garrick. It is fervently hoped that the long-awaited Nucleus BGO re-issue 'Under the Sun / Snakehips Etcetera' should be available to purchase by the end of May

13 May 2003 - New links for Michael Garrick recommended web sites can now be found in the 'Labyrinth' web links section of this web site (see below)

12 May 2003 - The rarest records in British jazz? click here for more details

29 April 2003 - A feature on Ian Carr at 70 by Alyn Shipton appears in the May 2003 issue of Jazzwise magazine (Issue 64) on page 9

25 April 2003 - It has come to the attention of this web site that long-time Ian Carr and Nucleus associate, Neil Ardley has a new web site through which it is possible to purchase CDs of long deleted albums by Ardley and the New Jazz Orchestra, such as the classic 'Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe' which features Ian Carr amongst others. The Official Neil Ardley Web Site

16 April 2003 - Monday 21st April 2003 is Ian Carr's 70th birthday - Happy Birthday Ian! - The **NEW, UP-TO-DATE** and (almost) Complete Ian Carr and Nucleus Discography can be found via the 'Labyrinth' section below or just click here

3 April 2003 - Nucleus - The Pretty Redhead Live At The BBC 1971 & 1982 - see the first online pre-release review of this here

2 April 2003 - Nucleus - The Pretty Redhead Live At The BBC 1971 & 1982 HUXO38 is released on 28th April 2003. For more details checkout Hux Records

28 March 2003 - Ian Carr will be interviewed by Jez Nelson on BBC Radio 3's 'Jazz on 3' on Friday 4th April 2003. The Interview will go out at some stage of the first half hour of the programme. Mat Heywood from 'Jazz on 3' comments: "The session is great...and will probably appeal to many of Ian's fans - it's Dave Holdsworth's Straight Jack, a tribute to the music of Mike Osborne". Jazz on 3 - Fridays 23:30 - 01:00 - BBC Radio 3 - 90.2 - 92.4 FM

27 March 2003 - A stunningly good review of the BGO Nucleus re-releases ('Solar Plexus'/'Belladonna' and 'Labyrinth'/'Roots') appears in the latest issue of Jazzwise magazine (April 2003) where there is also a review of the forthcoming Jack Bruce re-issues (which includes the long lost classics 'Things we like' and 'Harmony Row'

24 March 2003 - To read the first review of the forthcoming Cuneiform double CD release 'Nucleus Live in Bremen' please click here

21 March 2003 - The Rendell-Carr Quintet "Lansdowne" Series Discography is now complete with track listings and recording dates The Complete Rendell-Carr Quintet Discography

13 March 2003 - Nucleus Live in Bremen (Cuneiform Records Rune 173/174) will be available to purchase from May 6th 2003. If your local record shop has a problem ordering it (which they shouldn't) it can be ordered directly via Cuneiform's online store (they will supply to the UK, etc) at Wayside - a review of this double album will be appearing on this web site soon.

A full page article giving the background on Gilles Peterson's 'Impressed' album (on which no less than two Rendell-Carr Quintet tracks appear) can be found in the latest issue of Jazz UK (Issue 50, March/April 2003) which is also available to view online via the Jazz Services web site at Jazz Services

4 March 2003 - A press release from Moonjune has announced the imminent forthcoming release from Soft Works of their debut album "Abracadabra". Soft Works features two ex-Ian Carr / Nucleus compatriots Allan Holdsworth and John Marshall and the line-up is completed by ex-Soft Machine colleagues Elton Dean and Hugh Hopper. Release details are: Universal Records, Japan (Street Date: March 5, 2003) and USA release (different CD cover & package) scheduled for Spring 2003 - Label to be announced soon. Moonjune. Available in the USA at: Audiophile imports

21 February 2003 - Ian Carr will be flying off to New Jersey sometime later in the year to interview Keith Jarrett for a forthcoming Channel 4 documentary on this legendary pianist.

18 February 2003 - Jack Bruce, who played several gigs with Nucleus in the early 1970s, will be having all his early solo recordings re-released on Universal from around April 2003.These include his albums 'Songs for a Tailor' and 'Harmony Row' which feature ex-Nucleus members John Marshall and Chris Spedding. Also the great jazz album 'Things We Like' (with Dick Heckstall-Smith, Jon Hiseman, and John McLaughlin) will also be re-issued. See Jack's web site at: Jack Bruce

3 February 2003 - News from Hux Records re: Nucleus BBC Sessions CD release - Nucleus: The BBC Sessions - The March 9, 1971 session features the music from the first three Nucleus albums with the same line-up and the October 6, 1982 session features three tracks: 'Easy Does It Now', 'The Pretty Redhead' (this is the only known recording of this number) and 'For Miles and Miles'. The 1982 session line-up is Ian Carr (t, fh); Tim Whitehead (ss, ts); Mark Wood (g); Joe Hubbard (elb); John Marshall (d). The catalogue number is HUX038 and it's scheduled for an April release.

27 January 2003 - Universal Jazz has released today 'Impressed' a compilation by BBC Radio 1 DJ Gilles Peterson. This CD, with some of the rarest British modern Jazz ever recorded, includes two tracks by the Rendell-Carr Quintet ('Black Marigolds'and 'Dusk Fire') and other tracks by Michael Garrick, Harry Beckett and Graham Collier, amongst others.

12 January 2003 - The UICNWS Webmaster has received the following message today from Ian Carr reporting that "there seems to be an unprecedented interest internationally in my Nucleus albums. The double CD reissues on BGO are selling out immediately in Japan and Europe. Cuneiform Records in the USA are releasing a two hour live concert which Nucleus performed at Bremen Radio in Germany on 25 May 1971 before an ecstatic audience. [Note: Cuneiform have just informed the web site that this double CD should be released around May 2003 Catalogue number Rune 173/174. It features, amongst others, Ray Russell on guitar]. Hux Records in Lancashire are going to release two BBC Radio concerts I did with two different personnel in 1971 and 1982 and both are excellent".  


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