Nucleus Nucleus Nucleus in Calcutta, India Calcutta 20th Feb 1978 - Brian Smith, Roger Sellars, Geoff Castle, Ian Carr and Billy Kristian and people from the record company and concert organisers. Photograph supplied by Brian Smith, February 2009, (photographer unknown). 205616989 Nucleus Revisited (2010) Nucleus Revisited playing at the tribute concert for Ian Carr, at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, in 2010 205616991 Nucleus, Germany, 1981 This photo was sent to this website on 28/2/09 by Brian Smith and his caption reads: "This one München,19 January 1981. With Chucho Merchan on bass and Nic France on drums". Also shown are Geoff Castle (keyboards), Brian Smith (here playing flute) and Ian Carr (trumpet) (photographer unknown) 205616992 Geoff Castle, Bill Kristian, Alf Dodd, Brian Smith and Ian Carr This rare photo was sent to the website by Brian Smith in April 2010. It was taken in 1978 by Roger Sellers on Billy Kristian's camera. It shows from left to right Geoff Castle, Bill Kristian, Alf Dodd (Nucleus Road Manager and PA Engineer - who was credited as such on the 'In Flagrante Delicto' album), Brian Smith and Ian Carr. 205616994